Use carbon dating to find the age of the Sand…


One day a very reputed Geologist happened to visit Kanchipuram to have darshan of Mahaswamigal. After enquiring about his family Swamigal requested him to arrange for a Diver to dive and take out sand from two different locations of the River Purna (presently called River Periyar).

One location should be where the River Purna enters Kerala before it diverts into entering Kaladi and the other location should be at Kaladi itself. Later Swamigal asked him to use the technique of carbon dating to ascertain the age of the sand at these two locations.

The geologist performed the exercise as instructed by Swamigal and provided the results, which was that the sand taken from the first location yielded an age of being more than 100,000 years whereas the sand from the second location in Kaladi was close to about 2500 years!

History says that as Adi Shankara’s mother was finding it difficult to go to River Purna for Her Snanam, Adi Shankara requested the river to follow His footsteps (Kal Adi) to flow near His ancestral house.

Thus the age of the river sand at Kaladi confirmed that Adi Shankara was indeed born in the year 509 BC, which is 2500 years back! :)))

The very holy Purna river at Kaladi is seen in the picture!

kaladi River Purna

Article Courtesy: Thanks to Sri Panchanathan Suresh for sharing this article in Sage of Kanchi Facebook Page.


  1. Ravi Ramamurthi says

    Secular historians ! Our group of rational historians your claim was that Adhi Sankara was born only 500 years ago and you have re written India’s history to satisfy the Western masters who feed you by throwing bits under their dinner table, which you grab with your mouths full of drool.
    Maha Periyava in Deivatthin Kural affirmed that Adhi Sankara was born thousand years ago see the carbon dated proof Secularists!

  2. Lakshmi Prasanna says

    Everywhere in the media, history books….we have the time period as 8th century A.D

    I wish Mahaperiyava silence this debate and show the way to reveal the Geologist name and also the other sources in BOLD LETTERS to ascertain the time period of SRI ADI SHANKARACHARYA…

    ஸ்ரீ மஹா பெரியவா ஶரணம்
    ஹர ஹர ஶங்கர ஜய ஜய ஶங்கர

  3. N. Arun Prasad says

    Our Aacharyal knows everything, this is one of the evidence that our acharyal is the rebirth of Sri AdiShankara.

    Sri Kanchi Paramacharyal Thiruvadigale Saranam!

  4. T.V.Krishnan says

    I had a good fortune of visiting Kaladi and taking a dip in the Holy waters of Purna River. The water was crystal clear despite the heavy rains lashing the town of Kaladi and sorroundings. The vvery thought of the age as conformed by the Geologist under the Guidance of Mahaswagal is exhilerating. Mahaswamigal only can give the right advise as carbon Dating to establish the age. Our Anantha Koti namaskarams to Mahaswamigal


    Till now some section of people are debating and cursing Kanchi Mutt for claiming our Mutt and ADHI SANKARA ,as early as 500 year BC. Now this is a fitting reply. The person who debate are denying our own history. Let them understand now at least after reading this. I wish this message is to be brought to the notice of those dear

  6. Partha Rajagopal says

    Does any one know the geologist name visited mahaswami? Is there any research paper about age of sand from Puma river published or presented? Just wish to know? Theyvaththi kural has more explanation about Adi Sankara’s birth time. Sai Baba also confirmed the date as 509 BC in one of his speech.

  7. says

    Jagadguru as He was rightly called had ashtamasiddhis but never did He ever wanted to show them as He was an Avathaara Purusha. Had the body as a human being and so lived like a human as SriRamar did. He knew everything but in this materialistic world He wanted to establish things through concrete evidence. There were many and this is one among. Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

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