Unique blessing to USA Mani Mandapam Project!

Thanks to Mahesh Krishnamoorthy for sharing this wonderful message

Maha Periyava Bala Periyava

Blessings come in different form or shape or media. Here for one of our readers, devotees of Kanchi Matam, HH Bala Periyava appeared in his dream ; enquired about recent Maharudram event – who all attended, how well it went etc? Then He started asking about ManiMandapam project in US etc. Periyava started explaining about ManiMandapam project with a picture/map in His hand. Although the conversations aren’t clear – it sounded like this devotee was asked to actively participate in this initiative.

He texted me right away after he woke up and I was extremely delighted to hear this directly from him this morning…I pray Periyava to do more of this (!!) – continue to bless this project till it is completed.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

For more details on this divine initiative, please contact

Sanatana Dharma Foundation Inc.
(A non-proft tax exempt organization Tax ID #20-4404415)
12 Old Warson Ct,
Skillman, NJ 08558

Contact: Suri – 609-456-5096 | Narayanan – 609-865-3212
Website: http://mahaperiyava.org | Email: sdf@mahaperiyava.org

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