Umesh’s Special Painting of Sri Sar

As we all continue to be in Sri Sivan Sar Smaranai on the very auspicious day of His Jayanthi, here is a divine treat from Sri.Umesh Sadasivam… Every time he does a painting, there is so much of anticipation and curiosity that comes to our mind thinking of what’s special this time!

Today, Umesh Sadasivam surprises us by rendering a special painting of Sri Sadasivam (Sri Sar)… He hasn’t used his canvas or paint… He has used Microsoft Paint to give us a beautiful painting of Sri SAR on His Jayanthi day!

Here is Umesh’s painting that he has done seeking Sivan Sar’s blessings for “Lokashemam”.

Sivan Sar MS Paint 17102014

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