Sri S.Rajah Iyer Shares His Experiences…

We have read Sri S.Rajah Iyer’s experience in his own words here. Such a blessed devotee he is! Here is a video where he says it all…

It was on 4th July 1975, Sri Suryanarayanan had Maha Periyava’s darshan in Kalavai… Remembering the date so accurately, mama describes the first glimpse of Maha Periyava as a lightning that struck him… “Niruguna Brahman” is how he feels when he has the darshan of Maha Periyava!

Navabhasanam at Devipattinam is a small coastal village about 15 kms from Ramanathapuram. It is said that Sri Ram had prayed to the Navagrahas here by placing nine stones prior to going to war at Lanka. Maha Periyava had been there in 1939. This video reveals a historic fact that Navabhasanam has been revived and made accessible to all the devotees through blessings and efforts of Maha Periyava. Sri Suraynarayanan’s chittapa (uncle) Sri Adhinarayanan for whom “Periyava Vaaku” is “Deiva Vaaku” had worked immensely to revive Navabhasanam…

He shares many incidents like:

– His miraclous escape from accident when he was Nigeria
– His daughters being immensely Blessed by Maha Periyava
– Indira Gandhi’s meeting with Maha Periyava where HE raised his concern on release of ADI SANKARA postal stamp and stopped the initiative.
– His meeting in 1979 with Maha Periyava in Ugar
– Maha Periyava blessings him on his birthday by giving HIS own picture to mama

and many more….


  1. subashini sampath says

    i would like to view the episode by Sri S Rajah Iyer very much since i am also blessed by Mahaperiyava
    to make me understand and realise that he is my ‘Anaatha Rakshagan”. Please let me know how to view the

  2. Karthikeyan says

    Great interview very blessed man , because of his fathers pious work and contribution and the continuance of bhakthi by the family they have recd the same
    Periyaval is always a source of strength and bless his. Followers immensely , all classic examples and proof in front of us
    Jaya jaya shankara hara hara shankara
    Jaya jaya shankara hara hara shankara

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