Sri ‘Paadasalai’ Venkatrama Sastrigal Daughter Shares…

Sri ‘Paadasalai’ Venkatrama Sastrigal was one of the few privileged ‘Bhakthas’ to have served Maha Periyava for a number of years.Here is the emotional and moving account of her experiences, from his daughter Srimathi Lalitha Narasimhan…

From the time smt.Lalitha’s father, Sri Paadasalai Venkatarama Sastrigal came under the Aegis of MahaPeriyava, Periyava had assumed Guardianship of Venkatrama Sastrigal and his entire Family.In Smt. Lalitha’s words Kamakshi and Periyava are ever present to take care of them.


  1. Subashini Sampath says

    i have been watching Mahaperiyava episodes for the past three months. I was in tears during most of the episodes – especially those by Sri Jeeyar Swamigal, Subramania swamy, Ilayaraja, Thiyagu thatha, Advocate Venkatasubramanian, Sri L S Venkatesan, Guruvin guhai, Paala Paadugaya, Kumbakonam Bindu, and many others. But when i watched this video last week, it was midnight when it was over and i could not sleep. The innocence, simplicity, frankness exhibited throughout the interview by Smt Lalitha will affect any viewer. Without any hesitation she narrates the incidents when there was no rice at home and how Mahaperiya sent 2 sacks of rice, and how he replied when she went to see him the day her father was discharged without amputation of his leg…This is an exclusive interview – no doubt.

  2. Meenakshi Vanchinathan says

    Mami is highly blessed. May Mahaperiyava continue to bless her, her family and us all. Throughout this video, i cried several times. True bakhti is alone enough and we can leave the rest to the lotus feet of Mahaperiyava. He will take care of us. In my life, my parents struggled to find a groom for me. It was also the same time, we started watching Mahangalum adisyangalum on Vijay TV. I was inspired and found videos of experience of Mahaperiayava’s devotees. I left everything to Mahaperiyava at that point. My marriage was fixed within 3 months. I’m happily married now.

    Jaya Jaya Sankara; Hara Hara Sankara!.

    Meenakshi Vanchinathan


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