Sri NV Mama Reached The Lotus Feet of Sri MahaPeriyava…

Sri NV mama (( paala padukaiya )) reached the lotus feet of Sri Maha Periyava. He was doing his daily pooja. When , after the abhishekam he took Sri Anjaneya Swami and was holding on his hand , collapsed on Sri Rama Pattabisheka photo. That was a ekadasi ( Aug 6th 2014 ) day with moola nakshatram (Anjaneya swami star). The same day during Dwadasi, mama was cremated.

n venkataraman

Mama left us on Ekadasi maranam and same day dwadasi thahanam in moola nakshatram doing pooja holding Sri Anjaneya swami in hand and collapsed on Srirama pattabishekam. Oh What a blessing !!!

We all can remember how he sang emotionally in his Periyava experience video . Aneka koti Namaskaram to this Sri Mahaperiyava devotee.


  1. Veeraraghavelu VM says

    Sincere condolences to the bereaved family of Shri. N.V.Mama:’s family. We pray that his soul reaches Maha Periava;s abode and remains there for ever.

  2. mahesh says

    A blessed soul has found the bliss joining the paramatma . Though , we feel sad to lose his presence among us , we should be happy as his soul has been blessed to reach our beloved guru Mahaperiyava. Not everybody is lucky as Shri.N.V.Mama. Guruve Saranam !

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