Sri Chandramouli Mama (Maha Periyava’s Purvaasharama Nephew) Attained Siddhi…

Sri Chandramouli Mama, son of Smt. Lalithambal (Maha Periyava’s Sister in Purvaasharama) attained the lotus feet of Maha Periyava yesterday [Dec 12th 2013] at the ripe age of 91.

Here is a video of mama sharing his experiences with Maha Periyava. Thanks to Mr G Sivaraman for his unconditional efforts in bringing such valuable treasures to us…

Chandramouli Mama met Maha Periyava in 1929 when he was 7 years old in Kattumannarkoil during a Vyasa Poojai. Throughout his interview, we could see his immense bhakthi towards Periyava… Keeps us wondering on how would it be to have such a close maternal relationship with “Immense Guru Bhakthi” without family bondage.

chandramouli mama maha periyava nephew

Mama talks about Sambamoorthy Mama [Sastri], Saachu Mama [Sri Sivan Sar] as well…

He was blessed to do “Ilayathangudi Periyava” Aradhanai for 20 years from 1985-2005 as per Periyava’s will.

He narrates few incidents like:

– His darshan of Maha Periyava in Karvet Nagar where he had the anugraham to have Vilvam Pazham referred to as “Kayakalpam” by Periyava… He was also immensely blessed to have Periyava Himself sitting and listening to mama chanting ‘Rama Avatharam’ from Ramayanam.

– A very touching incident where Maha Periyava had saved Smt Lalithambal’s husband’s life who lived 10 long years after doctors gave up on his health

– Blessings to Smt Lalithambal to chant Lalitha Sahasranamam daily

– Some lighter moments like a habit / mannerism that runs in Periyava’s (Purvaasharama) family

– Maha Periyava’s Staunch Guru Bhakthi

and many more…

As years pass by, there wouldn’t be many who lived with “God” who could share their personal experiences with us… It would be these treasurable videos that would take us and our coming generations back in time to know about our “Living God” !!!


  1. Viswanathan says

    Thank you very much for sharing this. Sad news. Like you very rightly say in your article, these videos are a treasure not just for us but for the coming generarions.


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