Siva Saagaram – A Celestial Festival

Sri Sivan SAR Aradhanai was held on Friday, March 25th 2016 in Infosys Hall – Ramakrishna Mission School, T Nagar, Chennai.

sar aradhana 2014

Once every six months, be it Sri SAR’s Aradhanai (Mar-Apr), be it Sri SAR’s Jayanthi (Sep-Oct), the magnitude of these events is growing by leaps and bounds… Our joy continues to know no bounds. And our gratitude to Sri SAR continues to know no boundaries.

As we travel back in time and see where we started and how we started, “BRAHMIPPU” would be an understated word to express our feelings!

  • What started as a Small Satsangam within four walls of a house with a handful of people has grown today to be a Celestial Festival with thousands of people (many of them who haven’t had HIS darshan) coming and seeking HIS blessings…
  • What started as a Small Poojai that starts and gets done within few hours with hardly any Vaideeka per se has grown today to be a day long Divine Festival with so many Vaidheeka , Vedha Gosham , Maha Abhishekam, Shodasa Upacharam and more…
  • What started as a Small YPM (Yennipadigalil Mandargal) reading group with very few people has grown today with so many people experiencing the bliss of Sri SAR speaking through YPM…
  • What started as a yearning to celebrate Sri SAR with everybody has grown today to be an ever lasting bliss celebrating HIM with plethora of people throughout the world through LIVE Web Streaming and Telecasting…

Sri SAR sow “The SEED for His Satsangam of This Kind” and we HIS devotees are blissfully REAPING it every moment!

Prahaladan Prayed, Narasimhar Descended…
Few Devotees Yearned, Sri SAR Manifested…
Ultimately The Universe Is Blessed!!!

“அழுதால் பெறலாமே அய்யன் கருணை”

Here are the videos of Sri SAR’s Aradhanai to relive the blissful moments…

Sri Sivan SAR Aradhanai – Morning Ekadasa Rudra Abhishekam

Our Hearty Thanks to Swathi Soft Solutions for their continued service in taking Sri Sivan SAR Jayanthi and Aradhanai events to the hearts of so many devotees across the globe through their Web Streaming every year.

Sri Sivan SAR Aradhanai – Evening Poojai

Siva Saagaram – A Musical Discourse by Sri Ganesa Sarma and Kumari JB Keerthana & Party

Sri Sivan SAR Veedhi Purapaadu – Chenda Melam

Our Hearty Thanks To Swasthik TV for their coverage of Sri Sivan SAR Aradhanai evening program for the first time.

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  1. tgranganathan says

    We are much blessed.
    I too like many came to know about SRI SIVAN SIR ONLY few years back ( courtesy Sri Sivaraman Avargal)
    With pranams to SRI SIVAN SIR.
    t g ranganathan

  2. J Subramanian says

    I feel very blessed to attend Sar’s jayanthi and Aradhana functions. I will request Sri Sivaraman sir to organize similar functions for Mettur Periava also, if possible

  3. N Jayasankaran says

    Very well organised and executed to the heart’s content. Evening function with Sri Ganesa Sharma expounding and Keerthana lending her devotional voice took us to great level by His grace.. Namaskarams.

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