She rested in the shadow of Sri MahaPeriyava

Smt Visalakshi Veezhinathan – daughter of Mudikondan Sri Vanchinathan Iyer, wife of Professor Sri Veezhinathan rested in the shadow of Sri MahaPeriyava today. Sri Vachinathan Iyer has served in the Sri Matam for generations to Sri MahaPeriyava, Sri Pudhu Periyava and Sri Bala Periyava like Professor Sri Veezhinathan who is the nephew and son in law of Sri Vanchinathan Iyer.

As a Dharma Pathini, she served Veezhi mama throughout her life and as a Gruhini, she nurtured their son Dr Kamakoti (IIT professor) with so much bhakthi towards Sri Matam.

Though we do not have mami’s video experiences, Dr Veezhi mama’s interviews about experience with Sri MahaPeriyava are truly a blessing to watch.

More of Professor Veezhi Mama’s video experiences can be viewed here.


  1. N Jayasankaran says

    Our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved. Sri Veezhinathan mama is known to our father Sri S.Neelakanta Dhikshitar (ICF) for decades and mama’s loss is a personal loss to us. A great scholar with sober temperament , Sri Veezhinatha mama had taken great care of his beloved wife, and was very philosophical . Our prayers for the departed soul.
    MahaPeriyava always stays with His ardent devotees who have surrendered to Him fully and would ensure her moksha. With pranams and prayers, N Jayasankaran 9789863636


    Shocked to hear the sad demise of Smt Vezhinathan and daugther of late Shri Vanchi mama The family is close to me through Shri V.Jayaraman Sir s.o of Late Vanchi mama, my superior officer. She is also cousin of Smt Jayalakshmi mami mother of Ravi Venkataraman. My deepest condolences to Veezhi mama and Dr. kamakoti on the irreparable loss. My her soul rest in the lotus feet of Paramacharya.

    Thangasubramanian, 9443532363

  3. M.Narayanan says

    Very much distressed by the sad news, Veezhinaathan Maama is such a close and ardent Devotee of Maha Periyava and when he talks about the Mahan, we will visualise the scene vividly and be blessed. Maami was a great lady, totally dedicated to Dharma and nurtured her family well. She has reached Maha Periyava’s Lotus Feet and may He give the strength to Maama and Dr. Kamakoti and family to bear with the loss. Maha Periyava Bless us all!

  4. says

    Both my wife and myself were fortunate to have known both the father ,son and the grandson…It was late Vanchinathaiyer who taught me the A,B,C,s of behaviour before Mahaswami.The discussions before the Jagadhguru, shall remain green for ever in my memory.
    The simple Professor Vizhinathan had given pravachanams at Sankara Nethralaya on Ramayanam and Bhagawatham for employees for over two years. It was for one simple reason .The Jagadhguru wanted th parayana of vedas and ithihasas carried on all over as much as possible.
    indeed all the revered member of this illustrious family commanded awe ,reverence and a longing to emulate them and their Dharmic life. To the bereaved family our heartfelt condolenses
    Vasanthi and Badrinath,
    Sankara Nethralaya.

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