She Prayed… HE Blessed… We Celebrate !!!

Periyava Deepavali

Bhooma Devi Prayed… Sri Krishna Blessed… We Celebrate !!!

Really, How to Celebrate Deepavali?

Everyone has their special ways to celebrate…

Loukikaas say, it is all about new clothes, sweets & savoury , fire crackers and entertainment… Not to forget, the delicious deepavali marundhu!

Vaidhegaas say, “Ganga Snanam” …

But, how to celebrate Deepavali ? Who else can guide us other than MahaPeriyava?

Here is a special video of few blessed devotees who have been celebrating Deepavali as visioned by MahaPeriyava. Let’s see the video, listen to Periyava and get blessed.

Happy Deepavali To You All !!!


  1. Amarendra Athalye says

    My Diwali Greetings to all Periva devotees.

    Nevertheless, I would like to mention that in the opening pic in this video Periva is seen lighting crackers. Though I fully appreciate the pure intention behind inserting this pic, I would like to add that Periva would never like anything which He has never done in His long life of 100 years, in strict observance of Sanyasa Dharma.

    Hence, can we avoid inserting such pics? I must clarify, I don’t want to hurt anyone. Thanks.

    • says


      Our Deepavali Wishes to you. A devotee who has been with MahaPeriyava for many many years and served HIM has seen MahaPeriyava holding the Kambi Mathappu. He has confirmed it.

  2. skvramanan says

    What a wonderful video of Sri Sri Sri Periyava, Sri Sri Mettur Swamigal and Sri Rajappa of Sivasthanam related to our Periyava Deepavali, I literally wept for some moments of this great video as i was pulled back to the Platinum days of Sri Sri Sri Periyava. I was so fortunate to apply lead(EEYAM to maintain Madi) for some vessels and was given to Sri Sri Mettur Swamigal for this purpose. On Diwali day when all Shiva temples prasadams were taken by Sri Sri Sri Periyava and distributed, I was blessed to have the same.It is only the Blessings of Sri Sri Sri Periyava From 1990 till now for the last 25 years, I was able to bring Ganga from Allahabad and Haridwar for shiva rathri and from 2008 with the Blessings of sri Sri Kuvalaikal Swamigal for Deepavali Ganga is brought by me. I pray Sri Sri Sri Periyava to pour His Blessings to the creator of this site, also to all devotees who are Blessed to see this clippings.

  3. karthi says

    Periyava Karunai. Only He can think of 125 plus Lord Shiva to celebrate Deepavali with Oil, Gangs water, new vasthram, Pakshanam etc.,
    New way is shown to the younger generation to celebrate Deepavali at Kanchipuram…
    Nama Shivaya Periyava Saranam.

  4. k.subramanian says

    Namaskaram, I do not have any words to express my feelings . It is really superb and very apt. Very very happy to see sri sri mettur swamigal andmaha periyavaa and to hear HIS speech on deepavali. regards subramanian nagpur

  5. Mahaperiyava Charanam says

    Brilliant video I have ever seen! Thank you is a very small word to use here for this video, especially seen on Deepavali day. Your effort shows in preparing this video, taking deepavali related clips from thousands of the videos you would have recorded from Mahaperiyava devotees. Very apt. What a service these people are doing – gangai jalam, nalla ennai, bakshanam neivethiyam, sweets distribution in over 140 temples – and they talk as if it is so simple to do!!! What an amazing thing, to manage such a large event every year, year after year! And to top it all the mahaperiyava video and voice was the best of the best to see and listen on deepavali. On the whole, you are truly blessed by mahaperiyava sir. Kodi kodi namaskarangal to you, your family and all the mahans. Finally, it also shows how much todays generation has moved away from traditional deepavali celebration – watching movies on TV to hanging out with friends, eating out, wearing what is called fashion, never thinking about god. I wish this video is played on ALL TVs today and the young generation take to Mahaperiyava’s prescribed way of living! Mahaperiyava potri potri.

  6. ambi says

    Sivaraman Anna Namaskaram & Happy Deepavali Wishes. What a effort. Superb video and apt speech of our Maha periyavaa. Final words .Namakku evvalavu thukkam irunthalum we have to think logam muluka nalla irukanum, oor ellam nalla iurkkanum. A function for punyam ishwaryam and shemam. Periyava charanam.
    jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara

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