Remembering MahaPeriyava – निर्वैरः सर्वभूतेषु

Remembering MahaPeriyava
A write up series by Chandarsekharan Raman.

(Thanks to Chandru for sharing his insight of Maha Periyava through Bhagavad Gita)

In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna talks about five qualities for a person to reach him in the last shloka of the Eleventh Chapter:

मत्कर्मकृन्मत्परमो मद्भक्तः सङ्गवर्जितः |
निर्वैरः सर्वभूतेषु यः स मामेति पाण्डव ||11-55||

Paramacharya has been a living example of all the qualities. Here are a couple of anecdotes where He exemplified the last quality “lack of hatred towards ALL beings”, निर्वैरः सर्वभूतेषु |

MahaPeriyava MahaVishnu

1. Once a pandita from Kashi had written a book where he claimed that the Kanchi mutt was false and the Kanchi Shankaracharya was also not worthy of worship etc. He even boldly came to Sri Mahaperiyava and showed that book. Sri Mahaperiyava looked at the book and just asked one question: “Do you think your research is all authentic?” and left it at that. After 2 months, the pandita lost his son, and was in great grief. Mahaperiyava heard about this and sent some messengers to Kashi with a condolence message. He said, “Putrashokam (grief from losing a son) is the greatest grief! I pray to Goddess Kamakshi to give him the strength to withstand this”. As soon as the pandita heard this message, he cried profusely! After the 13th day rites were over, he came to Kanchipuram and prostrated before Maha Periyava and cried that in spite of writing harshly about the Mutt, Maha Periyava was so compassionate.

2. When Maha Periyava was camping at Chennai, He was going from Sanskrit college to Kapaleeshwarar temple by walk. At that time, supporters of Periyar had paid some local people some money (Rs.10) to stand at the Luz Corner (a place on the route from the Sanskrit college to the temple), and hold a black flag to obstruct Maha Periyava’s visit to the temple. All these people had heard a lot of the Sage. Although these people had taken money, they were also afraid that this great saint might curse them that their families suffer. But they had to do this for the money they had taken. Paramacharya saw the men carrying the black flags. He called all the men and compassionately enquired about them and their families. After He talked to each person individually, He raised both His hands and blessed them saying, “May you and your family all live happily and prosperously”. He never asked them anything about the black flags!

Let us all remember this great Mahan who lived only for our sake to teach us how we should lead our lives!

सकृत्स्मरण मात्रेण भवरोग विनाशके |
श्री चन्द्रशेखरपादाब्जे भासेताम् हृदि मे सदा ||


  1. Jagannathan says

    Dear brothers and sisters,
    ‘Mithreem Bajatha’, what Shri Shri Shri Mahaperiyava did as he had given the blessing message.

  2. Rathinam says

    Remember once Veezhi Mama (Prof. Veezhinathan) told an incident about a lawyer who has filed a case against the Kanchi Mutt.

    A lawyer filed a case that mutt has no right with Sri Kamakshi Tempe of Kanchi and also came to Sri Mahaperiyava to seek his blessings to win over the case! Sri Mahaperiyava has blessed stating ‘Dharmam jeyikattum’. Obviously, the case was lost against the mutt and the lawyer came pleading that he was confused, misguided by the others etc. and only Sri Mahaperiyava have to save him. Again, the karunamurthy Sri Mahaperiyava gave him a plate full of kumkum and blessed saying ‘ezhu ezhu jenmathirkum sowkiyama irrupae…’.

    Loving or caring or crying or harshful or sinful, we can pray to Sri Mahaperiyava to be bless us.

  3. Shankar says

    Radhe Krsna.

    Acharyan Thiruvadi Saranam.

    Kanchi Shri Mahaperiyava Swami ki JAI.

    This picture of Mahavishnu & Mahaperiyava is mesmerizing and realistic. Is there a colored one ? If so, please email me one.

    Haribol !!!

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