Rare photo : பாதுகையது எந்தன் பயத்தை போக்கட்டுமே!

பார்வையது எந்தன் பாவத்தை அழிக்கட்டுமே!
பாத கமலம் எந்தன் பாதக மலம் அகற்றட்டுமே!
பாதுகையது எந்தன் பயத்தை போக்கட்டுமே!
மோதுமென் மனதில் மோஹத்தை முறிக்கட்டுமே!
மேதினியி லென்றும் அமைதிதான் நிலைக்கட்டுமே!

Thanks to navEdaham – Ardent Devotee of Periyava and Sri Sivan SAR And a disciple of Triplicane Periyava for these beautiful verses.

Photo Courtesy: Thanks to Hosur Sri Ganesan for sharing the rare photo of Sri MahaPeriyava. Here is the video of Sri Ganesan sharing his experience with Sri MahaPeriyava…


  1. M.Narayanan says

    Great Blessing! Calls Maha Periyava with great affection as Thaththaa! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!
    Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLe CharaNam!

  2. navEdaham says

    Aha! Periayva has taken Sri Hosur Ganesan’s apartment itself as HIS Temple. Blessed to be there few times. Even the outside wall of the apartment is painted with red & white stripes, very similar to a typical temple wall…

    Koti Namskaram! Koti-Namskaram!

    Ram. Ram.
    Jai GuruDev!

  3. Visvanathan says

    பாத கமலம் எந்தன் பாதக மலம் அகற்றட்டுமே! : ஆஹா!! என்ன அழகான பாடல்!!

  4. nk says

    A very rare posture of Him(grand father) shared by His beloved grandson Hosur Ganesan(Peraandi) and his and Anu, his wife’s experience with Him.

    If you go to Periyava Gruham, His Abode where He stays and Ganesan and Anu are just care takers.

    Please don’t be surprised if some Veda Scholar invites and hosts you. It will be none other than Hosur Anna only.

    After giving this interview the grandson got transformed to such a Himalayan height, multifold, thanks to the great great grand father… Him…

  5. Natarajan R says

    This marati swamigal information was published in Bhavan journal as
    What life has taught me. But this photo I am (60 years now) seeing first time. How it came to him. This was
    Not published in any souvenir till date. 1933 photo first time how it came. Who preserved this. Whether he is
    Poorvasrama relative. Give clarification please.

  6. s,sivasubramanian says

    I would like to have Mr.ganesan sir address to have more rare photos of Maha Periyavaa

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