Pradosha Mandalathil Sila Nakshathirangal : Nakshathiram 1 : Yogam 7

Pradosha Mandalathil Sila Nakshathirangal
(பிரதோஷ மண்டலத்தில் சில நக்ஷத்திரங்கள்)
Pradosha Mandalam – A series of experiences from the constellation of Periyava devotees blessed with Periyava Smaranai through Pradosham mama…


Nakshathiram – 1 : Yogam 7
நக்ஷத்திரம் – 1 : யோகம் 7

Me and MeelaAdimai
(Sri Ganesa Sarma on Pradosham Mama)

Sri Ganesa Sarma answers a critical question related to “Experiences With MahaPeriyava”. Followed by that, he talks on the inception of his “Deivathin Kural” Upanyasam.

With that, he concludes on the story of birth of “Periyava Saptaham” and “Deivathin Kural” Upanyasam.

He has more to say on “Pradosha Mandalam” in next segments.

முதலில் பிரம்மிப்பு பின் பக்தி  – ஸ்ரீ கணேச சர்மா

Complete Series of Pradosha Mandalathil Sila Nakshathirangal can be viewed here.


  1. Sudarshan says

    “idu sanyasi, idukku ennayya (rahasiyam).” What a beautiful comment!! This single comment, although simple, sums up the entire life of Periyava. He lived every single moment of His life in complete view of the world, open to scrutiny and criticism, but yet no part of Him can ever be scrutinized or criticized. No wonder even a self-sworn atheist said publicly that Periyava alone was a true “thuravi”, a renunciate in every sense of that weighted word!!

    Thanks again for the team for bringing out this insightful series.

    We pray to Periyava that we dwell both on His leela-s and upadesha-s, relishing the leela-s while assimilating the upadesha-s.

    • ஜெயராம சர்மா says

      விரைவில் மின்னும், வானத்தை பார்த்து காத்திருங்கள்.

  2. Balaji Canchi Sistla says

    I am with Ganesha Mama what he says……. experience must be shared only improve your bhakti towards Maha Periva.

  3. M.Narayanan says

    Thrilled at the reply by Sri Ganesa Sarma. Great revelation. No secrecy about Maha Periyava. He is ever luminescent and all pervading! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  4. RamG says

    Spot on.. Shri Ganesa Sarma maama is absolutely right.. periyava leelas indeed need to be shared and discussed to realise He was not a mere sanyasi but verily the all pervading Brahman itself, only then with the ‘brahmipu’ and ‘bhakthi’ we will start holding on to that divine guidance He blesses us all with.. but yes we must get past this stage and try to inculcate a ‘samarpana bhaavam’ and keep our surrender to Him no matter what happens around us ..

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