Periyava Times – Online Edition – Volume 1 : Issue 2


On the Auspicious Guruvaram, here is Periyava Times – Volume 1 – Issue 2 ONLINE.

Note: The next issue has been printed and is being widely distributed. Please contact the team to find out where to get Periyava Times in your area.

To contribute to the newsletter with your experiences, thoughts and anecdotes on Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Guru Parampara, please write to Also, if you would like to circulate hard copies of this newsletter in your area, please contact at or call/text/whatsapp at 409-539-8449.

Note: As of now, Periyava Times will be widely distributed across North America.

Please visit this page for E-Version of Periyava Times. The previous edition of Periyava Times would be archived when the current edition gets published.

Periyava Times – Aug 2016 – Issue 2


  1. madhavi says

    sir,namasthe,i am from tirupathi. i want periayava anubhavangal books either in telugu or english. please let me knoow how to get and where to get?

  2. R says

    The first three volumes of the book “Mahaperiyava Darisana Anubhavangal” is available as a single English book titled ” In the presence of the divine” available at Giri Trading (

    You can search for “In the presence of the Divine” on this website and you will find e-books of other experiences as well.

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