Periyava Akashavani


On the very auspicious Sri MahaPeriyava Aradhanai day which also happens to be “Anusham”, I’m here in Mokshapuri, Kanchipuram in front of Sri MahaPeriyava Manimandapam, Orikkai, as we humbly offer “Periyava Akashavani” to the lotus feet of Sri MahaPeriyava and our Acharyas of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham and to Sri Sivan SAR.


In today’s fast materialistic world, we could neither give up materialistic life nor ignore spiritual aspirations. Even those with deeper spiritual aspirations need aid of some kind to keep their minds in Satsang.

Sri Adi Sankarar mentions Satsang, a simple yet most powerful method, as a way to Salvation…

Satsangatve Nissangatvam
Nissangatve Nirmohatvam
Nirmohatve Nisclatattvam
Nischalatattve Jeevam Muktihi

Satsang need not be only our Sangam (association) with Sath-People. In this fast world, it is a infact a far fetched dream. Having said that, Satsang can also be an association with Sath-Book or websites or any such things.

For us ‘Sath’ is Periyava. It is therefore our endeavor to create something that can keep our minds, talks, thoughts and views associated with Periyava. In these lines, we are blessed to launch “Periyava Akashavani” – An Online Radio App – an apt way of keeping Periyava-SmaranA!

“Periyava Akashavani” will be broadcasting experiences with Sri MahaPeriyava by HIS devotees, Upanyasam by Sri MahaPeriyava, Pravachanam, Songs, Bhajans, Special LIVE programs and many more… related to Sri MahaPeriyava and our Guru Parampara.

“If we talk about Periyava, our ‘vAk’ gets purified… If we work for Periyava, our body gets purified… If we think about Periyava, our mind gets purified…”, Sri Kannan Mama (later became Swamigal), said once.

Let us all indulge in the amirta-SAgara called Periyava, using this App!

Sri Adi Acharyal says in Sivananda Lahari , “Why search for pushpam or such things to offer to Bhagwan when your heart is there to offer?”

Why wait? Let’s offer our heart to Periyava!

We sincerely hope that downloading this App and effectively using it will aid the same. “Periyava Akashavani” can be downloaded from Google Play Store. The apple version of “Periyava Akashavani” will be available in iTunes in a weeks time.

Periyava Akashavani

When “Periyava Akashavani” sprouted, out of the blue appeared Sri Swamynathan who came for Sri Sivan SAR Darshan. Nobody knew that Sri Swamynathan and Smt Harini Swamynathan were chosen by Sri MahaPeriyava and Sri Sivan SAR to take up this divine task of “Periyava Akashavani”.

Another person in this core team is Sri Aniruddha Deshpande. Aniruddha being a marati person, doesn’t even know who Periyava is. Yet he volunteered to take up this task of developing a mobile App. What drove him towards this task? Only Periyava knows… Later, Aniruddha surprised us saying that his dad was born and brought up in “Satara”, Maharastra. This team of people have been working meticulously day and night and here we are with “Periyava Akashavani”.

Sri Balaji of Vignesh studios contributed to this initiative by designing the logo for “Periyava Akashavani”.

We are also very happy that Sri Suresh of Sankara TV will be sharing his content with Periyava Puranam and Periyava Akashavani.

Veda Dharma Sastra Paripalana Sabha was established by Sri MahaPeriyava in 1942 to propagate Veda Dharma throughout the country. Even today, under the spiritual guidance of HH Sri Bala Periyava, VDSP Sabha has been doing Veda Sammelanam and Visesha Upanyasam throughout the country. We are blessed to join hands with them through this initiative.

We are also very happy that Sri Vignesh Studios has given rights to telecast their Live coverage of Sri MahaPeriyava Adistanam and Sri MahaPeriyava Manimandapam, Orikkai through “Periyava Akashavani”.

Sri MahaPeriyava Manimandapam, NJ USA , MahaPeriyavaPuranam.Org and Periyava Akashavani humbly offers Sashtanga Namaskaram to Sri MahaPeriyava and our Guru Parampara of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham.

Our Prayers to Periyava to shower His choicest blessings on all of us!


Adiyen Behind The Camera

Hara Hara Sankara ! Jaya Jaya Sankara!


  1. Sudarshan says

    What a wonderful launch on such the most holiest of holy day. Periyava is blessing us through technology advancements to be connected to Him and thereby adhere Dharma, which is the core of His teachings. My congratulations and best wishes to the team of Mahaperiyavapuranam and all other associates that are enabling this great endeavor come alive.

  2. S.Seetharaman says

    We are happy and Blessed to hear HIS TEACINGS and MahaPeriyavapuranam. My congratulations to the TEAM

  3. Mannargudi sitaraman SRINIVASAN says

    Really a very good opportunity especially for those who have not been privileged to be withHIM when HE travelled across the breadth of India and bestowed HIS. kataksham to all

  4. sk ramanathan says

    excellent work.May Sri Maha periava bless all the individuals associated with this work.with best wishes

  5. K. Viswanathan says

    With pranamams to MahaPeriyava and the other Acharyas, may I congratulate the team behind Periyava Akashvani for this phenomenal venture, that will allow us all to share and enjoy everything related to MahaPeriyava! Can’t wait for the iPhone app!

    Adiyen Viswanathan

  6. Srividhya says

    Great program! Thank you for enabling us to listen to Periyava and His devotees experiences anytime!! Hats off Mr Shivaraman for the tireless efforts. Waiting for the iphone app.

  7. M.Narayanan says

    Can we not directly access Periyava Akashavani directly from our computers through the internet? Is it necessary to go through only a smartphone?

  8. navEdaham says

    Aha! What a glorious effort!

    Sri Kannan Mama said once, “By praising Periyava or by propagating glory of Periyava, we’re not adding glory to HIM. Does Sun gets it’s shine because of our camphor ‘arathi’ to the Sun? No. Periyava’s glory is unlimited, anyway.”

    Then, concludes, “By doing such services to Periyava, we’re paving way to our Salvation!”

    Prayers to Periyava to shower the blessings to all of you & on us.

    Ram. Ram.
    Jai GuruDev!

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