March 16th – An Auspicious Day For A Different Reason!

March 16th – What is so special about this day?

March 16th 2016 happens to be the most auspicious “AYUSHMAN BHAVAH SAUMYA” day. Is that what is so special about March 16th? It is an auspicious day – no doubt. Yet, the English Calendar date and year for “AYUSHMAN BHAVAH SAUMYA” would keep varying according to the astrological calculations. March 16th 2016 happens to be one of those auspicious days.

What else is so special about March 16th? Before we think further, let us refresh our memory on what “AYUSHMAN BHAVAH SAUMYA” means…

According to our Panchangam, “Of the twenty-seven Yogas, one is named Ayushman. Of the eleven Karanas, one is the called the Bhava. Among the week days, the Saumya Vaasaram refers to a Wednesday. When the Ayushman Yoga and the Bhava Karana occur together on the Sowmya Vaasaram (Wednesday), that day is said to be Shlagya (Very Auspicious Day).” It is said in Sastras that any sankalpam made on a Ayushman Yoga, Bhava Karana and a Saumya Vaara shall get answered divinely!! That is why, when people bless someone they always say “DHIRGHA AYUSHMAN BHAVAH SAUMYA” ! The “Thathparyam” behind this blessing is – “When Ayushman Yogam, Bhava Karanam, Saumya Vaasaram all three occur together, whatever good Phala would be gotten, I bless that you may get all those fruits…”.

Coming back to where we started : March 16th – What is so special about this day?

“God expresses Himself in many inexplicable forms and exposes His presence in many mysterious ways!“ – Sri MahaPeriyava

Thinking deeply, it makes us realize what HE said applies to HIM! This is evident from HIS Omnipresence across the globe every single day!!! It was on March 16th 1959, Our Periyava, Our Umachi Thatha, Our Nadamaadum Deivam gave the so called “Farewell Message” which is actually a “Welfare message” for all of us!

What else can mark March 16th as special or as auspicious than this?


Let us listen to HIS Farewell Message (Welfare Message per se) that HE gave us exactly 57 years ago.

MahaPeriyava Farewell Speech – March 16th 1959 – Sanksrit College , Chennai by Mahaperiyava Puranam on Mixcloud

His Heap of Humility in this farewell message shatters the ego that we all exhibit one time or the other…

It is very soothing to hear in God’s own voice: “Neenga Vera, Naan Vera Ella, Neenga Yelarum Sendhu Dhan Naan”. What other blessings can we seek than these words from HIM on the “AYUSHMAN BHAVAH SAUMYA” day ?

Let’s pay our Obeisance to Him who bestows happiness to all people in all ways and at all times!

45th ashtotram

Excerpts of HIS Farewell Message Can Be Read Here:


  1. V. L. SWAMINATHAN says

    Jaya Jaya Sankara
    Seven months back, we had such a unique day 24 or 25 th Aug2015
    Valady L Swaminathan

  2. M.Narayanan says

    Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara! Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLe CharaNam! Remembering Maha Periyava’s Lotus Feet this Ayushman Bhava Saumya Vaasaram day, itself will give us all auspiciousness and fulfil our just requirements! Thanks for remembering and reminding us about this Day!


    Very apt posting for 16th march. Today being very auspicious , we are truly blessed to hear PERIYAVAA’s VOICE.

    HIS statement that we are not different from HIM would have recharged many of HIS devotees.

    Most of us remember the incident but very few remember the incidents with dates. THANKS A TON to the person who has taken the trouble of posting this farewell message which HE gave on 16 th march 1959 .

    Truely a blessed and a devoted soul .

    warm regards

    k.subramanian Nagpur

  4. Vijaya Chandramouli says

    Reading this post was gréât.
    Today it also happens to be my daughter Soumya’s birthday – Ayushman Bhava Soumya!
    How appropriate and what a blessed coincidence!

  5. Santhanam says

    Even though I am aware of ayushman bhavah sowmya, the voice with this post gave me an inexplicable feeling

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