1. Sudarshan says

    Highly informative interview. Great to know that the pratishta of Srividya Yantram under Sri Rajagopalaswami at Mannargudi was done by an Acharya of the Kamakoti Peetam.

  2. Sriram.M.S. says

    Wonderful to hear his speech on his devotion to our god seer. With pride I can declare that my brothers have studied under him and he is close to our family.. Bank Sundaresaiyer of East Second Street is my father. Feel sad that the potential have not been grasped by me inspire of our closeness to him.

  3. Ravi Venkatesan says

    Namaskaram, I have a request. Most of the recordings are with less audio quality. Though the volume is enough the words are not audible due to echo sound. Please improve.

  4. Suseela Devi ganesan says

    Namaskaram, my humble request,please send me the hanuman sloga if possible to my mail id or let us know from where we can get this sloga.

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