Maha Periyava Paadham…

The narrator of this incidence lives in Adyar. The photograph he mentioned is still in his house and we can have a dharsan any time… Thanks to Sri Sridharan Krishnamoorthy for sharing this with us…

Here is the experience narrated by Sri Ramani in his own words…

Dear All,

My grand mother an ardent devotee of Periavah used to visit Kancheepuram often when Periavah used to spend in around that place. I am talking about the period between 1957 – 1964. ( my grand mother died in 1964).

She had been aspiring to get a “Periavah Paadham” for doing her daily Pooja. Whenever she requested Periavah would simply nod and never gave one to her. When others were given, somehow when her turn came nothing would be left for Him to offer one. He would simply smile and say next time.

Once it was so disappointing incident when another woman accompanied her got it, but when her turn was next there was nothing left. Seeing her disappointment on her face Periavah said, ” it is only for doing Pooja only isn’t it? You will have it “.

My grandma couldn’t digest this.

She literally came back crying , saying I don’t deserve , that is why He has not given me. Or may be our Swami kovil is not in a separate room there is no sanctity in the house and that’s why she has not given … and things like that.

Next day after doing her morning Pooja, as usual, she kept the two Parijatha flower at the bottom of the photo of Mahaperiavah dipping it in water and sticking on the glass face of the photo, as she used to do. After a Namaskaram she got up , among tears she noticed Two Paadhams having been formed in the photo, as if it is embossed. The water coming from the flower had transformed such an impression. She immediately rushed to Kanchipuram to share with Periavah.

Believe He just smiled as if he knew about it and just nodded. I am attaching the photo here . It is still there even after 50 years! You would notice the two Paadams at the bottom of the frame.


Click on the picture to Enlarge…Sri Periyawa padam


  1. Balasubramanian NR says

    Perhaps to create an impression in her that HE is always with him and hence there
    is no need for a separate Padhuka to be worshiped by her. Hence to make her
    realize that, Maha Periyavaa might not have given her.

    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

  2. chandar says

    Namaskaram, Pls. draw an arrow mark, so that , we can identify, Sri Padam, I could make out the impressions, but not sure, pls.
    Thank you, Hari Om !

  3. Balasubramanian NR says

    She is a great soul Sir. Thank you very much for the information.
    Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

    Balasubramanian NR

  4. P V Jayaraman says

    God in the Human Form.A Saint,Noble human being, a world class teacher.Do we have a person like Swamij? I doubt. My PRANAMS to u SIR.

  5. shree says

    where exactly does the foot prints exists I cannot make it. is it on the frame right or left.

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