1. chandar says

    Harihi Om !
    Namaskaram. What a Divine Experience !, Great, Thank you Sir for the great interview, an eye opener !,
    a revelation ! to understand more about Sri Maha Periyava !
    Harihi Om

  2. Sudarshan says

    Peetadhipathi-s mostly do not talk high about other pontiffs even if they belong to the same sampradayam and try their best to avoid even any passing references. But here the glories of MahaPeriyava as narrated by the Peetadhipathi of a SriVaishnava Sampradaya Matham flows like the Ganga.

    An interview posted earlier of Sri Agnihotri Parashuramachar from Sirugumani shows how Mahaperiyava supported the cause of Dvaita sampradayanusarin-s. Here, HH Jeeyar shares with us how Mahaperiyava respected the ideologies of Visishtadvaitam. This is just another instance to show that Mahaperiyava is none other than that Paratattvam from whom all different tattvam-s and sampradayam-s originated.

    Nothing else can be done by us, other than just submit our namaskarams again and again… Punascha bhuyopi namo namaste…


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