Keezhambi Adistanam


Sri Advaitatma Prakasendra Saraswati : HE is the 60th Sankaracharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham HE was also known as Govinda. HE was the son of Parasurama, a native of a village adjoining the river Vasistha. HIS former name was Sruti-Pandita. For some time, HE lived in Govindapuram where his predecessor had attained mukti. HE was held in very great veneration by Sahaji, , the King of Tanjore. HE attained mukti at the village Ambi, near Kanchi on Krishna Dwitiya in the month of Chaitra of the cyclic year Svabhanu (1704 AD). HIS brindavan at Ambi is in daily worship.

Today being HIS Aradhana, here is a small video of HIS Adistanam…



  1. says

    Kanchi Kamakoti Sri Madam-highly sacred and I bow down , pray for the Noble Sri Madam
    I pray each and every Acharya of that great Guru Parampara, starting from Aadhi Shankara
    Let us all, the entire Humanity, be blessed for ever till the very existence of this Universe with the
    Holy Saints of Shri Madam.

  2. skv Ramanan says

    Today being Aaradanai day we are all Blessed to have Dharshan of Adhishtanam. This Aaradanai is headed by
    auditor Krishnan who lives in West Mambalam. The person who does regular pooja for this adishtanam, is coming every day from Bangaru amman colony which is at the other end of Kanchi and is very sincere, also he has done Kainkaryam to Sri Periyava when He was at Keezhambi. I wish every devotee should go and have dharshan of this sacred place, Namaskarams

  3. M.Narayanan says

    Om Nama Shivaaya! OmNamo NaaraayaNaaya! Om Kamakshyai Namaha! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya shankara! Mahaan ThiruvadigaLe CharaNam!

  4. Chithra Subramanian says

    Thank you for this video. Sometime last year Appa had come in my dream and He was sitting in a field surrounded by a lot of greenery and water running nearby. He was looking so happy. I was also standing near Him along with Kaingaryams..

    A few old ladies who looked like they were working in the fields come running to Him saying ‘ Samee, Samee’ when the Kaingaryams try to stop them Appa says ‘ ava varattum, thadukkade ….pona jenmathile avalellam enakku kaingaryam pannava ‘. They prostrate and have a happy darshan.

    When I narrated this incident to a friend he said it must surely be Keezhambi….I completely forgot about it. When I saw this video I was shocked as it is exactly the same as it was in my dream. Still to come out of this surprise. Appa Saranam

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