Kanchiyil Deepavali

Kanchiyil Deepavali
(English Transliteration of A Video Experience on Deepavali)

Periyava once called on me and said, “One of these afternoons, you take your cycle, go around Kanchipuram and collect information regarding all the Shiva Lingam that are open to the sky (Vaanam Paartha Lingam)”. HE also advised me to refer to Kanchi Puranam. I found ShivaLingam under trees, on land, in dhargas, mosques and churches, on the banks of lakes and ponds. I compiled the names of the Lingams, the direction in which they are facing, any pooja details available and gave it to HIM. As all the pertinent information was in the Kanchi Puranam, I did not have to worry much.

Periyava immediately embarked upon the task of Punar-Udhaaranam of these Vaanam Paartha Lingam temples. HE called on many devotees and guided them to construct walls on three sides around the Lingams and affix a door in the front. In this manner, 15-20 small new temples were constructed. Periyava made arrangements for daily pooja and neivedhyam in all these temples.

On the occasion of Deepavali, Sri Mettur Swamigal had brought Ganga water. Periyava asked me to go with Sri Mettur Swamigal to Gangai Konda Cholapuram and help the Gurukkal at that temple since he was old and feeble. The Shiva Lingam at Gangai Konda Cholapuram is really huge. We took the requisite things like Chandanam from Kumbakonam and did the pooja in an elaborate manner. 11 Kalasam were filled with Ganga water. Periyava instructed us to invite the King of Udayarpalayam to participate in the pooja. When the king and the 11 Gurukkals came to the outer praharam, 11 Garudar came from nowhere and started circling in the sky – it was astonishing. Even today, I get goosebumps thinking about it.

We brought back the prasadam to Periyava and HE was very happy. Periyava then started the tradition of Annabhishekam (on full moon day in the month of Aipasi) in Gangai Konda Cholapuranam. The first 11 years, I used to take ten Gurukkals along with me for Annabhishekam. What was started by Sri MahaPeriyava continues till date and the Annabhishekam is celebrated in a very grand manner.

Here is a special video of few blessed devotees who have been celebrating Deepavali as visioned by MahaPeriyava that we published last Deepavali. Let’s see the video once again and listen to Periyava and get blessed.

Happy Deepavali To You All !!!

After Abhishekam at Gangai Konda Cholapuram, Periyava instructed to perform Ganga-Abhishekam to the Shiva Lingam in and around Kanchipuram. HE chose Deepavali day for this purpose. Periyava said, as we do Ganga Snanam, wear new clothes and also eat bakshanam on Deepavali day, the Shiva Lingam should also have Ganga-Abhishekam, new vasthram and a kilogram each of sweet and kara-boondhi as neivedhyam. We performed this pooja in nearly 130 Shiva Lingam in Kanchipuram. People were divided into 4 groups of 25 each, a van was provided to each group, a map was drawn out listing the locations each group was to cover and with HIS blessings, we were able to carry out HIS wish of doing Ganga-Abhishekam to all the Shiva Lingam in Kanchipuram.

There were around 20 Lingams in fields, out of which only 3 had a roof over them. The rest were still open to the skies. It rained heavily that year and some of the Lingams were immersed in water. When I returned to Sri Matam, it was around 1:30 p.m. The rest of the groups had already returned and they had brought back prasadam. Periyava had not even taken HIS bikshai; HE was waiting for me. I was asked to recite the names of the Shiva Lingam at each of the 130 places; give other details and the Vibhuthi prasadam to HIM. It took more than an hour to do so and at the end of it, HE was smeared with Vibhuthi all over and looked like Pazhani Murugan.

I am delighted to say that this tradition has been going on for the past 32 years to the Shiva Lingam in 140 temples in Kanchipuram. I have trained others including my son to carry on this tradition, which I do not want to discontinued on any account. Nowadays, on the auspicious occasion of Deepavali, we would assemble at Sri MahaPeriyava Adistanam at Sri Matam around 6 am with the requisite things. After prostrating before Periyava, we would proceed to the temples – with two Sivaachaaryas and one or two other helpers for each temple. The Sivaacharyas are rewarded by Sri Pudhu Periyava and Sri Bala Periyava for their efforts with sarees and dhothies. Ganga-Abhishekam is performed to the Shiva Lingam; adorned with a new vasthram and vilva malai; a lamp is lit, sweet and savory boondhi are offered as neivedhyam. The boondhi is then distributed to the kids who have been eagerly expecting and waiting for the neivedhyam prasadam.

I know the location of the 140 temples, the names of the Shiva Lingam and other pertinent details. I would recite them to Sri MahaPeriyava every year and I consider it a great.

Article Courtesy: Smt Lakshmi Shankar


  1. says

    Very good sir. I’m a Muslim but devotee of periyava waiting to have Darshanam of periyava at distance. My mother health is very bad. please pray for her at periyava sannadhi. my mother name khamrunissa from a Chittoor district.

    • Krishna says

      Dear Navaz,
      I pray to Sri Mahaperiyava for you and your dear mother. May good health be restored on her with the Almighty’s Grace.

    • G says

      Prayers to Sri Sivan SAR and Sri MahaPeriyava to bless you and be with you and your family always


    Pranams to Guru Maha Periyava ….

    i am confident all your great efforts – as directed by Maha Periyava – are documented & recorded.
    if the same can be made public you may please do so …
    just in case if some Bhakthas are lucky to be near any one of these locations where Siva Lingas in existence …
    they may extend their share of performing pooja at that point of time
    & in the process be of some assistance to Maha Periyava’s vision …

  3. says

    A Very Happy Diwali. Let Lord Krishna guide us in all our good endevours. I am religionless and celebrate Deepavali along with Ramzaan Chirstmas, Mahair Jayanthi Budda Poornima etc. god is one but in different forms as per the wishes of the people.
    Divali crackers bursting tis to send out the evil and eating Sweets is to make life merrior. It is customary that sweets are exchanged amongst neighbours to continue Harmony.
    Jai Sai Ram

  4. Kamala Varatharajan says

    Happy Deepavali to you all. Good to read these documents about Maha Periyava on this auspicious day.

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