In Poland: Sri Sivan SAR’s Yenipadigalil Mandhargal – YPM

Yenipadigalil Mandhargal (YPM) travels to Poland!


To Poland? How ? Here is a small video snippet of a Poland Tourist Guide referring to Page 468 of YPM on the subject “Akshaya Paathiram”.

Thanks to Sri Saravanan Srinivasan (Editorial Team: Periyava Times) for this video. While Saravanan is on tour in Poland, he has come across a tourist guide explaining the history of Poland. On showing the reference of Poland in YPM, the tourist guide was taken aback by surprise seeing the plethora of information in YPM regarding Poland history that is dated back to 1050 years.

He had so many questions to Saravanan like:

  • How can a person, thousands of miles of away from Poland, know about Polish history this precisely?
  • Has He ever been to Poland?
  • What are the chances of He meeting Polish people with indepth knowledge of Polish history in India?
  • Norman Davies wrote Poland History in 1980’s while Sri SAR’s Manuscripts dates back to much earlier than that. How does He know all about Poland then? Does He have supernatural powers?

While filled with surprise and amazement, the guide took a snapshot of Sri SAR’s picture in YPM and the page 468 of YPM to show it to the future tourists from India.

YPM Akshaya Paathiram

Snapshot from YPM: Title: Akshaya Paathiram – Page 468

Sri SAR is in YPM and HE speaks through YPM. There are many devotees who experience this bliss every day.

As Guruvaaram dawns, let us offer our Sashtaanga Namaskaram to Sri SAR and Sri MahaPeriyava to bless us with Unappeasable Guru Bhakthi !!!


  1. Ravi Madapati says

    Can you please tell me (Non- Tamil reader) where I can get a English translated copy of YPM? Such as the one you have shared a snapshot from? I will great appreciate getting a copy or details as to where I can buy one. Namastey.

  2. NK says

    ஸ்ரீ சிவன் சார் உவாச – ஏணிப் படிகளில் மாந்தர்கள்

  3. says

    Tamil book can be ordered from NARMADA pathippagam, near T Nagar post office, chennai 600017. Refer net for details of tel no etc., you pl speak to them. It is a greatest treasure pl do possess. Om

  4. santha v says

    Namaskarams to Sri Sivan Sar

    Yenipadihalil Mandharhal Sri Sivan Sar karunaiyinal yetta mudiyadha dhoorathirku sendru vittathu mihavum sandhoshamaha ulladhu.

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