How To Know HIM? – பகவத் கீதை பெரியவா குரலில்…

How  To Know HIM?

Let’s listen to Maha Periyava’s Commentary on this slogam in Bhagavad Geethai – Chapter 18, Verse 55

bhaktyaa maaam abhijaanaati yaavaan yas caasmi tattvatah
    tato maam tattvato jnaatvaa visate tad-anantaram 

Isvara awards us the fruits of our actions. If we become more and more devoted to him, as recipients of his grace, we will get closer and closer to him. He will himself reveal to us who he is and there will be no need for us to inquire about him or into him. In response to our devotion he will deign to reveal his true nature to us. He declares so in the Gita: “Bhaktyaa maam abhijaanaati yaavaan yascaasmi. . . . ” (By devotion he comes to know who in truth I am. . . ).

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