His Lotus Feet on Sri Krishna’s feet …

Swamigal gently put His Lotus Feet on Krishna’s feet!

Article Courtesy: Thanks to Sri Panchanathan Suresh for his wonderful posting in Sage of Kanchi Facebook page.

“One lady used to say, “He is like Lord Krishna and we are always swarming Him like those calves, enjoying His presence”.

One day it was Gokulashtami. Kanchi Mahaswamigal had gone to the backyard for His morning duties at 4. His Kaingaryam Shri Srikantan told me, “Mami, I will open the door secretly for you. You should put the necessary kolams and Kutty Krishna’s feet on the floor as quickly as possibly and run from here, ok?”

I said Ok!

He said, “If you want, I will close the backyard door. Let me know the moment you are finished with the kolams and then I will open it again for Him”.

He was talking like as if the Sarveshwaran will not know about our plans!

I put the kolams; the Kutty Krishna’s feet came out so beautifully that day. I drew the Feet from the backyard door to the room where He does the poojas and also near the kitchen. And then quickly I came out, afraid that Srikantan may admonish me for taking so much time!


I stood behind a window and got ready to watch the Celestial event unfold. Swamigal opened the door. On seeing the tiny Krishna feet kolams, He lifted His vastram and gently put His Lotus Feet on Krishna’s feet, one by one, and came walking to His room sweetly. And all the way He was looking at me through the window! He walked as if He was Lord Krishna Himself!

That Sarveshwaran, what Kindness!

Even today, I am reminded of That day on all Krishna Jayanthi days!”

Narrated by blessed devotee Smt. Prathiyangara Padmasini, her interactions with Him!

How sweet this is, is it not?! Shankara.

periyava standing

We were not born during Lord Krishna’s time, but we must count our blessings to be in the same era as our own Kaliyuga Krishna, Who is seen here standing, in Kanchipuram in 1964, with His legs crossed, just like Lord Krishna Himself!

A very Joyous and Blessed Krishna Jayanthi to everyone!


  1. M.Narayanan says

    Vande KrishNam Jagadgurum! Maha Periyava is Lord KrishNa! Blessed are the people who participated in this Divine LeelA! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!
    Happy Janmaashtami! Happy Teachers’ Day!

  2. ambi says

    Tears ,joy throughout the great interview
    periyavaa darshnam illatha oru moksham vendam
    namakku antha yookithaye illai
    (on seeing periyava sitting left leg up posture .)
    what a word
    Eppadi patta karuna moorthe yaga irukkanum
    karuna moorthy endru oru thadavai chonnal porathu
    Amma you are blessed ur eyes are blessed.
    periyavaa krishnar namm kandru kutty
    periyava ramar namm kurangu kutty
    what a bakthi
    My sashtanga namaskaram to you amma.
    Once again sri shivaraman anna & co pranams to u all for bringing
    great great bhaktha interview
    Note: kindly need the address of Smt. Prathiyangara amma


    Madhuram to read this article and alos to hear her sweet voice on Maha Periyava.
    When i roll my kalpanasakthi over the happening i.e HH walking over Krishna:s feet,it is

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