His Holiness Periyava by A High Schooler

Here is a magnificent painting of Sri MahaPeriyava by a 12th standard student “Saismrithi” and her own words from the bottom of her heart.

Saismrithi Govindarajan, May Sri MahaPeriyava and Sri Sivan SAR be with you and your family! Thanks for sharing your artwork with us.

Periyava Drawing by SaiSmrithi

“Shree MahaPeriyava Saranam”

Every person has a way of staying connected to the almighty. MahaPeriyava is mine. He is THE ONE I perceive as Guru, Deivam!

Having read and heard about HIS greatness through my family, all of us at home believe MahaPeriyava is always watching us, guiding us and giving all the strength to do everything!

A class 12th student, I have always had a keen interest in all forms of art. I train under Mrs.Lakshmi Raghavan, a true Periyava Devotee herself. I feel sketching and painting brings me closer to the pure soul. I truly believe it shows where I stand. I draw to get 100% satisfaction. When I get that inner satisfaction, I know He is happy. But when I don’t, I think it is MahaPeriyava Himself telling me to work harder and do better. I do not restrict this benchmark only to art. I compare it in all I do. So through each picture, He pushes me to reach the next level.
I do not draw for the sake of doing so. It is a decision taken at that moment when I see a picture. It is the urge within to reproduce it on paper.

This drawing was done last week. An instantaneous spark within me told me to do this and I wanted to give it all I had. Having my boards around the corner, it was a challenge because I didn’t want to just do it for the sake of it but at the same time wanted it to turn out well.

I sincerely believe He gave me the patience and strength to complete the portrait with immense pleasure and satisfaction. I know He is happy with it and I receive this message through all your blessings.

According to me, this is one way of Him communicating with me, telling me that all is well and will always be!

“Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara”
G. Saismrithi
Class XII
Bala Vidya Mandir


  1. Mahesh Ganapati says

    Dear Sivaraman Anna
    feeling at Bliss to see the next generation realise the paramporul through their works, wish we get 1000s and 1000s of saismrithi like kids amongst us

    praying to our Mahaperiyavaa to shower Saismrithi with all His grace and blessings ever

    this little girl also made us everyone young or old , aware on how aaradhanai can be dedicated to paramporul through art and work that we enjoy.

    feeling very happy to read Saismriti’s words more than her painting which is fabulous too:-)
    sri Mahaperiyavaa saranam

  2. Anu says

    Wonderful picture and lovely words about our Holiness, Saismrithi! You’re truly blessed. He is indeed a true Guru and messenger of God. We are all so privileged to know of him. I pray to Him that he continues to bless you with the strength and patience to render His blessed earthly form through your pen!

  3. i venkatraman says


    Gracefilled girl Saismrithi ..your art is a divine offering to the Guru n Deivam of this century whom many were able to have darsnam of. Nice to learn that you are pouring your self onto your art and all other fields. May you inspire many students of your class n school and slowly thousands of children take up such Divine connect with all their heart.



  4. gayathri s says

    wonderful and truly dedicated to His holiness. We pray to Him to shower all his blessings on you to continue to realise Him through Your work.

    Periava sharanam. Jaya jaya shankara Hara Hara Shankara.

  5. venkatesh says

    The facial expression is ‘tathroopam’.
    Your realisation of ‘Maha Periyava’ is wonderful.
    With HIS grace you & your fortunate family will always be blessed.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara! Hara Hara Sankara!

  6. gowri venkat says

    Let the blessings of the Periyava beshowered on you, my child…..i am moved reading your thoughts…..the art is so divine……….my wishes to your parents for their upbringing a child like this….really great!!!!!!

  7. Meenakshi Vanchinathan says

    Elated to see the next generation following the footsteps of Mahaperiyava. Great artwork by
    Saismirithi. It’s very well written thoughts!. May Mahaperiyava bless her and her family and all of us!.

  8. K. Srinivasan says

    A fantastic piece of drawing/sketching by Saismrithi, a high school girl ! Wow ! This girl is truly blessed by
    Maha Periava ! I sincerely hope & pray that Saismrithi develops further in this field of Bhakti through Art ;
    also she progress well in her life ahead. I am only 83 and hope to see many more such Art from this girl.
    K. Srinivasan, Toronto.

  9. T.N.Venkataraman says

    Without the Poorna Anughram of Maha Periava, the real life like feeling one would not get on seeing this photo…the little girl is so blessed by Periava so much so that the fleets and the shades in the cloth of His Holiness looks so realistic. You are indeed lucky to have such staunch faith in Maha Periava at this young age which most of us missed in our teens. Be focused on your Bhakti and devotion towards Periava throughout your life come what may, and you will have only the best from Him.

    T.N. Venkataraman
    Annanagar East

  10. Srividya Ram says

    Dear Saismrithi,

    Truly appreciate your devotion towards the Guru. May Guru shower his blessings on all of us and lead us on the right path always.
    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara!

  11. கிருஷ்ணமூர்த்தி says

    காஞ்சி மகா ஸ்வாமிகளின் அருளுரைகள் தெய்வத்தின் குரல் என்னும் தலைப்பில் ஏழு தொகுதிகளாக வந்துள்ளன. மகா பெரியவர் பேசியதைக் கேட்டு அவற்றை எல்லாம் எழுதித் தொகுத்த அரிய பணியைச் செய்தவர் ரா. கணபதி.அந்த துகுப்பை படிக்காமல் யாரேனும் இருப்பீர்களேயனால் உடனே படிக்க முயற்சி செய்யுங்கள் .மகா பெரியவர் நம்முடனே இருக்கிறார் போல ஒருவித நெருக்கத்தைத் தரும் மகோன்னத வார்த்தைகளின் மாலையாக எப்போதும் மணம் பரப்புகிறது .

  12. Pattabiraman.N says

    Wonderful to see a young girl’s drawing of Mahaperiyava with so much of sincerity and devotion. I am sure this child will be very successful in her life as she is really a blessed child. It is very rare to see young people having so much of Bhakthi towards Guru and God. Blessed are her parents too and our Pranams to them for bringing up this child in this way.

    Really inspiration for one and all.

    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

  13. Thiyagarajen Sundaresan. says

    So many comments in praise of your graceful work are pouring in, That itself is the blessings of MahaPeriyava Smiruthi. Go ahead. HIS Devine Grace will be with you always.

  14. M.Narayanan says

    Maha Periyava’s Blessings will be always with Saismrithi! Thathroopam Picture of Maha Periyava! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  15. navEdaham says

    “When I get that inner satisfaction, I know He is happy. But when I don’t, I think it is MahaPeriyava Himself telling me to work harder and do better.”

    Aha! What a profound ‘layam’ with Periyava!

    Namaskarams to the heart that poured this out….

    Ram. Ram.
    Jai GuruDev!

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