HH Sri Bala Periyava on His Paramaguru…

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Wonderful and insightful Anugraha Bhashanam by Sri BalaPeriyava at Tiruvidaimarudur detailing on the incomparable and inexhaustible tasks accomplished by His Paramaguru – Sri MahaPeriyava. He says MahaPeriyava could have chosen to talk on the most highest Vedanta matters, but HE chose to rather bring about the recitals of Tiruppavai and Tiruvempavai amongst the masses. Also HE could have said one would be blessed with a golden or silver coin for memorizing the Samaskrutam Nighantu or anything of that sort, but HE rather gave away these for a simple writing of Rama Nama. HE did all these basic things only because HE chose to pay more attention towards uplifting basic Dharma and Anushtanam in both common men and women.

Audio Courtesy: Kamakoti.org


  1. p.r.hariharan says

    Sri BalaPeriyava is blessed to have Sri Maha periyaval as his guru which is ordained my Kanchi Kamakshi.

    My sincere prayers to mother Kamakshi and Sri Maha periyaval that Kanchi mutt should regain the same glory

    at the earliest.


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