He Lived With God … He Reached His Lotus Feet !

Dr. Sundararaman Duraiswamy (that son of Duraiswamy), one of the founding members of Kanchi Kamakoti Seva Foundation INC. (KKSF) attained the lotus feet of Sri Maha Periyava on Guruvaram (July 17th 2014) in Princeton Jct, New Jersey.

“I LIVED WITH GOD” is an article penned by mama about his experience with Maha Periyava. Anyone who reads it would be moved with tears…

Sundararaman Mama Poem

Mama has always been thinking of Maha Periyava… People who have met him would know… Whenever he talks, in whatever context it may be, every minute or two, he would have something to say about Maha Periyava and he used to be in uncontrollable tears! Such was his Bhakthi towards Him…

When Mama was informed about Sri Maha Periyava Mani Mantapam in NJ, USA, He was very happy and emotional… He said, “It is my life time ambition to do something like this for Periyava”… His contribution towards Sri Maha Periyava Mani Mantapam is a true blessing!

Though such blessed devotees aren’t with us anymore, their treasurable experiences with Maha Periyava will live with us forever to cherish…

I Lived With God Tamil – நான் கடவுளுடன் வாழ்ந்தேன் by MahaPeriyava.Org

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  1. Sundar says

    Deeply sad to hear this! I stayed with Mama & Mami few times in the DC area and we would always talk about his experiences and lessons. A divine soul I would always like to associate with. I would often imagine what I would do if I was in his place with Maha Periyava!! I will cherish those moments forever.

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