Guru Poornima Special : Umesh’s Samarpanam

On an auspicious Guru Poornima day, here is Umesh’s Samarpanam at HIS holy feet.

A Prologue from Umesh

Initiated on an Anusham day and completed on a Pradosham day

55 Mahaperiyava Pradosham Mama Orikkai Temple 17072016_1

· When I met Smt Chitra Subarmanaiam at Ganesa Sharma mama’s gruham in Mylapore Anusham pooja, she wanted me to do a painting of Periyava she saw at Pradosha mama’s temple gruham that day morning.

· She said that she had prayed to Periyava that she would ask me to do this painting. And on the same day we met at Mylapore.

· Before start, thought to add Pradosham mama. But was indecisive on Orikkai backdrop. Messaged her about adding mama, pat came the reply that she was in Orikkai.

· For the entire painting, listened to Vikku mama’s experiences, Salem Ravi mama’s daily discourses.

· Started painting but had long breaks in between for reasons best known to Him. My amma and Smt Saraswathi Thyagarajan mami’s blessings helped to bounce back and continue.

· When my friend Jegan went for Periyava Jayanthi to Pradosham mama’s gruham, he had shown to Sri Sriram, Pradosham mama’s grandson, one of my earlier paintings of them.

· In June 2016, when Sriram anna was on a personal visit to Hyderabad, requested him to visit us. He obliged, visited us and saw my earlier painting and blessed for successful completion of current one.

· I truly believe that without Periyava and mama’s blessings, that golden moment would not have happened.

· Since was down with sinusitis, unable to attend our July Anusham pooja at Hyderabad. But with His grace could complete the painting on 17-July-2016 Pradosham day

· Blessed 1.5 years of journey doing Periyava and Pradosham mama painting.



  1. Sriram Krishnan says

    Such a brilliant painting to be published on this auspicious day of Guru (PeriyavA) Pournima! Mahaprabho Parameshwara!! Veda Vyasa and Veda Samrakshana PeriyavA Padma Paadham Saranam.

  2. Shobha Rani says

    Can anyone please tell me the meaning of the Mudra that Periyava has made using his left hand. I saw Periyava and the same Mudra in his hand in a dream almost 6months to an year back.


  3. Thiyagarajen.S. says

    Wonderful assignment completed with HIS blessings. Marvelous painting. Blessed to see it on auspicious Guru Poornima Day. Feeling blessed.

  4. Pattabiraman N says

    What a blessing for Sri Umesh.. Maha Periyava’s grace flowing through Sri Umesh’s Hands..Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

  5. Mahesh says

    Experience of Umesh for this painting journey competes with the creation itself in bhakti. Blessed soul indeed

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