1. SKV Ramanan says

    wonderful selection for Janmashtami. nothing else can match this since Sri Periyava is none other than Lord Krishna. One day when Sri Periyava went to Sri Kamakshi amman temple He stood close to Ambal and while a few devotees had Dharshan He uttered a word that He is Sriman Narayana Moorthi. this incident was narated by Ekambaram mama who has writen the book on Sri Periyava. I want to share this message today being Gokulashtami.

    More than Eswara Sri Periyava is Narayanamoorthi as He is protecting us every second. Creation and Destroying are easier but PROTECTION is very difficult as Sri Aacharya Bagavath Padal says a word KADAPABHI means epedio.

    Thanks a million for posting this today. Sri Periyava Saranam

  2. periyava potri says

    Amazing selection of videos for Gokulashtami sir.

    Very difficult to remember who said what from thousands of videos you have created and then split that part of the video alone for us to view it so easily on a special day!

    Thanks so much sir and with all of these, you are accumulating more and more periyava’s kadaksham.


    seen in live narrated nicely. Same way Ra.Ganapathy ,in his SOLLIN SELVER SRI KANCHI MUNIVAR has narrated
    the actions towards Lord Krishna as MATHURAM, MADHURAM. Periyava explains the meaning of ADHARAM MATHURAM…………….MATHURATHIPATHE AKILAM MATHURAM. While narrating about the sweetness of Lord Krishna, MahaPeriyava himself become so swee [MADHRUM]t.We ,who read the text are becoming sweet[MADHURAM]

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