Glimpses of Sri Sivan Sar Aradhana – March 18th 2014

Heartfelt thanks to Swathi Soft Solutions for arranging a live webcast of Sri Sivan Sar Aradhana that took place in Ramakrishna Mission Matric School – T.Nagar today evening.

Here is the video of the webcasting…

Video Courtesy: Sri Sivan Sar Aradhana 2014

Thanks to Mr.Mahesh Krishnamoorthy for sharing photos & video of Sri HH Sivan Sar’s Aradhana Celebrations that took place with Veda Parayanam on Tuesday Morning, March 18th 2014.



    Very quick to execute. Yesterday night was the function. I am able to view in the morning. Long live technology especially in carrying out good deeds.
    I was wondering whether being at a far off place like Mumbai, have I missed the function. You have graciously assured me that it is not so. Thanks a lot, Shivaraman Sir

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