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Shri K Vedamurthy wrote an article on Maha Periyava  in “The Hindu” published on May 21st 1989.  Sri Vedamurthy has penned the historic meeting of Maha Periyava & Mahatma Gandhi. The scanned article from “The Hindu” is embedded below…

House at Nelliseri Village, Palghat, Kerala, in which Maha Periyava & Mahatma Gandhi met on October 15, 1927 



Sri K Vedamurthy mama’s experience with Sri MahaPeriyava can be viewed below:


  1. R Sridhar says

    Just came across this article.
    Sri Vedamurthy was my good friend, and he narrated another incident connected to this article.
    It seems ‘The Hindu’ paid him Rs 500/- (or so) for this article.
    Sri Vedamurthy immediately converted all to Re 1/- coins and left for Kancheepuram.
    He sought permission from Maha Periyavaa to do Pada Poojai with these coins.
    Maha Periayavaa immeditely put his Divine Feet down from the mena.
    Then Sri Vedamurthy submitted each coin at HIS feet and it took quite some time.
    Maha Periyavaa just sat silently throughout this period.
    What a GRACE and What a Blessing.


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