Sri SundaraRamamurthy Shares… Part I

Sri SundaraRamamurthy describes how MahaPeriyava guided and blessed his father, Dr.SivaRamamurthy (Maha Periyava conferred on him the title of Vichitrachitta), the noted Indologist and Archaeologist,that enabled him to establish the Period of Adhi Sankaracharya.(Note: Angkor Wat is situated in Cambodia). Sri SundaraRamamurthy also narrates his own personal interactions with MahaPeriyava.


  1. chandar says

    Harih: Om,

    A very very blessed soul ! Thanks for sharing a very valuable information about Sri Paramacharyal !
    Sri Guru Pada Charanara Vindam Bhajami ! God Bless !

  2. sudarshan says

    Superb narration, especially about the experience of his father at Airavateshwara temple. Awaiting eagerly the second part of the interview.

  3. Shantha says

    Ankor Wat is in Cambodia, Vietnam. It is not in Java, Indonesia. Please confirm. Combia is not anywhere near Indonesia. It is close to Thailand.

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