Experience With MahaPeriyava By: Sri Subbaraman Mama

Veda Rakshana Nidhi Trust – VRNT

Any writeup about VRNT without mentioning Sri M Subbaraman mama, retired income tax commissioner Mumbai is incomplete… Sri Subbaraman mama took the mantle from Sri Annadurai iyengar mama as executive trustee for VRNT. The history behind Sri Mama taking over VRNT is itself history. To his selfless and tireless efforts, the Sri Matam bestowed upon him Veda Rakshana Kaingarya Mani…


Here is the audio of Sri Subbaraman Mama sharing his experiences with Sri MahaPeriyava on the auspicious Anusham day in 2009 at Besant Nagar Patasala. The introduction speech in this audio is given by Sri K.R.Athamanathan (fondly called as Athma mama). Taking care of M.S. and Sri Sadasivam had been the top priority for Sri Athma mama. He is also known for his selfless efforts in steering Sri MahaPeriyava Manimandapam in Orikkai. “Athma Romba Usathi Aanavar” – Sri Sivan SAR once remarked about Athma mama to Sri Supni.

Dreams before the death of Smt. Subbaraman shared by Sri Subbaraman Mama :

I would like to share my experience before my wife’s death on 27 March 1997.Just three days before her death, PeriyavA, who had thrown away His mortal coils in January 1994,appeared in my dream and stated that He was going to perform a havan ‘homam’ for my wife.She was in the hospital at that time.It is an established rule that sanyAsins should not touch fire.My immediate reaction was,” How would PeriyavA perform a homam, when there is this prohibition and PeriyavA is a strict follower of the shAstrAs?”.It never impressed on me that what He proposed was for the benefit of my wife.The scene shifted from my residence to the hospital.There, on the bear ground, PeriyavA placed a cow-dung cake,lit the fire while chanting some mantrAs, turned to me and said it is the body that dies and not the Atman, and disappeared.My wife died on the third day.I took it that PeriyavA wanted to tell me that I had been attending to the duties that He had allotted to me, and in return He had performed the last rites of my wife and that He had taken care of her soul. (We have no children of our own). This inference of mine was confirmed surprisingly from a different source.

My younger sister and and I had been to Srirangam where my wife’s aunt, aged 94 years was living.She told us that on the day my wife died,she had a dream in which my wife came to their house in Srirangam,When asked why I had not accompanied her,she replied that she had to come alone and had come accordingly.When she took leave of her aunt,her aunt offered to accompany her which my wife declined to accept saying that she had to go alone.When they reached the door-step, her aunt found a chariot (ratham) waiting for my wife.She boarded the ratham and went away.This confirmed that Periyava had taken care of her.


  1. NK says

    He is not Subburaman; He is Subbaraman.

    Some places it is correct. Some other places it should be corrected.

    Please take care.

    • A K Ravikumar says

      There is no mention of my grandfather late S.Annadurai iyyengar.
      He has sacrificed his life for Vedas.
      He has earned title VEDA RAKSHAMANI From MAHAPERIYAVA.

  2. V Ramachandran says

    Thrilling experiences with Mahaperiyava for the . Devotees are many . In 1975, while I was ar faridabad, on official duty , I had the dream in the early morning . Periyava was holding my hand and telling some upadesam . At 8am , Delhi tamizh sangam authorities came and enquiring about me .Later they requested me to give lecture at Delhi Tamizh sangam . The topic given to me was ” Muruganum Kamakotium ” We are living with Periyava .
    Periyava pichai
    Bharathi Ramachandran

  3. M.Narayanan says

    Thrilling Experience of Sri Subbaraman Maama with Maha Periyava which happened after Maha Periyava’s Siddhi! Little doubt that Maha Periyava’s Complete Blessings are on Sri Subbaraman for his great services to Veda Rakshana Nidhi Trust as directed by Maha Periyava! Thanks for sharing this rare audio! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  4. A.Kalyanasundaram says

    There are several thousand of leelas performed by our Maha Periyava and each one gives thrilling experience and it is our duty to do deeds that are loved by our Periyava and get His blessings to run our day today affairs Especially young children should be taught about the Mahimai of Periyava and imbibe in them GuruBakthi and how Guru will guide them in their studies . It is the duty of parents to involve the children when they do pooja . ask them to put chandan and kumkum onPeriyava’s picture on the forehead and in the padam and do namaskarams This practice should be regular and in the long run their life will be one of prosperity and will be blessed by Maha Periyava and their family will thrive for generations after generation

  5. s. swaminathan says

    what shri Kalayanasundaram says above is hundred percent correct. a great guidance to young parents and young children. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara.

    thank you sir.

  6. kalyanakrrit says

    I think after Annadurai iyengar, Delhi Srinivasa Iyer served as ET of VRNT., and Subbaraman mama succeeded him.

  7. Karthick says

    On March 29th 2016, I was listening to this audio at office. Back home, my daughter was crying for reasons unknown and my mother in law was worried running here and there as she doesn’t know what to do. I prayed to Mahaperiyava that I will listen to this audio and please help in clearing my kids pain/issue.
    I didn’t call home for the 2 hours and after some time my wife called me as she returned home from office. She asked my daughter about the issue which she initially claimed to be a ear pain with my mother in law. But when we wife asked her, she told she is totally pain free now.
    Another instance of Periyava’s miracle!

  8. வரதராஜன் கிருஷ்ணன் says

    பாக்கியம் உள்ளவாளுக்கு பகவானாவே பெரியவா இருந்திருக்கா!
    ஜெய ஜெய சங்கர ஹர ஹர சங்கர!

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