Experience With MahaPeriyava: By Sri Pattabhiraman Mama – Part 1

Among the six ‘padai veedus’ of Lord Muruga, the Swamimalai shrine of Sri Swaminatha Swami had MahaKumbabhishekam performed this week. While we all know the “Sthala Puranam” of Swamimalai, it is very intriguing and astonishing to know the “Sthala Puranam” of Uttara Swamimalai Kovil in New Delhi


Sri Pattabhiraman mama is 91 years old now. He has been one among the blessed founding members who has been instrumental in bringing forth Uttara Swamimalai kovil. He narrates all about their experience with MahaPeriyava and their journey in bringing forth Uttara Swamimalai.

There is a saying that “Patience is not the ablility to wait, but the ability to keep GOOD FAITH and GOOD ATTITUDE while waiting”… Sri MahaPeriyava has blessed all the people involved in bringing up this shrine with immense faith and good attitude and guided them throughout their 12 years of journey from 1961-1973 …

Right from identifying a place for the temple till the Kumbabhishekam, MahaPeriyava has been the key for Uttara Swamimalai. Pattabhiraman mama whole heartedly believes that the Swaminatha Swami in Uttara Swamimalai is none another Sri MahaPeriyava…

Our hearty thanks to Sri Ganesan, Nanganallur for his efforts in capturing this video. Here is Part 1 of Pattabhiraman mama’s interview…


  1. Ramani Balasubramanian says

    Very informational interview. The incidents that happened before the construction reinforces the belief that the presently called Malai MAndir in Delhi is indeed visited by none other than Paravathi and Parmeshwara in the form a cow. Periyavaa who appears in dream shows he is non other than Muruga and so indeed is the place is blessed. I will surely visit this one day soon. My son in Delhi keeps visiting this. Now, that I have more background, I can pass this information to him.

  2. ambi says

    Swaminatha swami swamimalai kumbhabhisekam completed time we are gifted to see uttara swamimalai
    uruvana kathai. Great .Poorvashrama swaminathney(sri Mahaperiyava )vayathana muthiyavar vedathil kanavil vanthu than anugu jothi sorupathil irukkiren endru kattiya idam. Great. Namaskaram to sri Pattabhi Mama. Waiting for the Part II . jaya jaya sankara hara sankara

  3. T.S.Muralikrishnan says

    Brahmashri Pattabimama’s narration about the begining of ” Uttara Swami Malai ” at Delhi on a hill is really thrilling. Periyava’s Presence in every Move in a disguise manner is great and made us all in a God intoxicvated stage. Our Periyava can do any thing ,His blessings are great. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  4. V Soundararajan says

    Adien, ennudaya aathmartha nandrigalai their ithu kolgiren.ithai enakkum forward panna Shri R Ganesanukku en namaskarangal.
    Shri Pattabhi Mama kuzhuvirkum Mahapervalukkum Ananthkoti Namaskarangal.


  5. kunniyur seenu says

    Moving not only hearts but also mountains.Waiting for the rest of the interview

    Great Sir,Sri. Ganesan of Nanganallur

  6. s.swaminathan, Riyadh * Residence at Naganallur says

    Wonderful to know. I have shared this link with my friends in Riyadh. I am eagerly waiting for the reamining part of the video. Please send a mail notification once the same is ready for viewing, along with the link. Thanks a lot.

  7. shree says

    feeling blessed to know the details behind the uttara swamimalai temple. nothing happens without paramacharyal’s sankalpam.


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