Experience With MahaPeriyava: By Sri Pattabhiraman Mama – Part 2

Malai Mandir – This is how “Uttara Swamimalai Murugan Kovil” is called in New Delhi…

Sri Pattabhiraman mama was narrating on how MahaPeriyava guided them in bringing forth Uttara Swamimalai Murugan Kovil… In the first part of mama’s interview, we saw MahaPeriyava’s Thiruvilaiyadal in identifying a place, arranging for priests, trustees etc.,

In this second part, Pattabhiraman mama continues to narrate rest of MahaPeriyava’s Thiruvilaiyadal in getting granite for Murugar Vigraham from kurukkuthurai, Tirunelveli district upto the Kumbhabhishekam day of the temple…

Once again, we thank Sri Ganesan, Nanganallur for his efforts in bringing up this video.

Part 1 of this video can be viewed at: Experience With MahaPeriyava: By Sri Pattabhiraman Mama – Part 1

Picture Gallery Of Uttara Swamimalai :

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  1. HailSwami says

    Namaskaram. Amazing very athmarthamana interview. Each time we hear about periyava it is a very humbling experience. We take time and spend money to visit grave and tombs while in Delhi but I failed to visit such a holy place with periyava’s own power in this temple at Delhi. I am shamed. Blessed are these people who have done such a great job of building a temple with periyava’s blessings. It is years and years of yagam to build such a temple in stone that only kings with countless manpower and money were able to build with gods blessings. Not able to imagine what kind of grinds these people would have gone through to build such a temple. No more maya pirapu for these people with periyava’s grace I am sure! Bless us all sirs.

  2. Ramani Balasubramanian says

    What a great interview and what a load of information I could gather on what all goes into a Kumbhabhsekham. The most important in kumbhabhisekham from the talk is the giving power to the idol. I did not know this. What I understand is the person should be a one with great tapasvi.
    Secondly what a bhagyam for all the people who were involved in selection of stone, talking to periyava on this matter.
    Pattabhiraman mama is truly blessed.
    Shivaraman- Thanks for the great interview.


  3. SivaramanG says

    This great interview was done by Sri Ganesh of Nanganallur,an ardent devotee of Sri Mahaperiyava, not by me.

  4. R Balasubramanian says

    Many many thanks for the inspiring and thrill-filled two part video.
    I have had dharshan of the temple two or three times during my trips to Delhi years back without knowing the story behind.
    My pranams to Sri Pattabi Mama,not only for the inspiring 70 minute cogent narration, but also for the initiatives
    selfless sense of commitment and the commendable level of devotion invested by the NALVAR GROUP in delivering to ordinary people like us a wonderful temple blessed by Maha Periyava at every stage from concept to commissioning.

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