Experience with MahaPeriyava by : Sri Mukundan – Srilanka

Sri Mukundan is from Colombo, Srilanka. Here is a very short interview that takes us by surprise to know of devotees in Srilanka.

Sri Mukundan’s father had darshan of Sri MahaPeriyava many times since 1962. Sri Mukundan along with his kids had darshan of Sri MahaPeriyava in 1991.

Sri Pudhu Periyava gave His blessings to bring up Sri Kamakshi Amman temple in Jaffna, Srilanka.

kamakshi temple jaffna

Also, with Sri Pudhu Periyava’s blessings, Sri Bala Tripura Sundari temple is being revived in a larger scale.


  1. Ramani Balasubramanian says

    Fantastic Superb To Hear There Were Devotees From Places We Cannot Imagine and the Kamakshi Temple Looks Beautiful.

  2. says

    Sri Lanka and BHARATAVARSHAM have the same cultural traditions and our land masses were joined together physically as well as spiritually by our SANATANA Dharma .In SriLanka we do not say we are Hindus -we say we are Saivam.Tamizh language is spoken with great pride and purify and I have yet to see a Sri Lankan who does not know how to read and write this beautiful and ancient language.
    Great video presentation of Sri Mukundan – a great Bhakthar of Sri Mahaperiyavaa!


  3. Cheenu says

    There are so many devotees in Srilanka for Maha periyava Especially in the Brahmin community. Priests who perform puja in Srilanka come to India and learn vedham in South India. Brahmin families bring their children to madam to get blessings after upanayanam. Maha periyava is the guru for so many Hindu families and Kanchi mutt is regarded as a sacred place for Brahmins in Srilanka. Temples are nicely maintained and Pujas and rituals are done promptly. Ambal is the main diety for most of the Hindus.

  4. M.Narayanan says

    Scintillating to hear from this great Bhakthar of Maha Periyava, Sri Mukundan that Sri Kamakshi Temple is there at Sri Lanka Blessing Devotees there. Maha Periyava also is going to have Sannidhi there soon! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

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