Experience With MahaPeriyava By: Sri Kowtha Lalith Manohar – Part 3

Here is the much awaited Part 3 of Sri Manoharji’s interview…

Part 1 and Part 2 can be viewed by clicking on the links.

This part of the interview is also filled with so much heart touching experiences…

  • I realized how lucky I was – Manoharji says – why ?
  • Periyava splashed water on him like doing abhishekam – what is that all about?
  • Vaidhyanatha Periyava – HE knows surgical details on cleft lip – how ?
  • Manoharji asked HIM to stay at his house for 1 day, HE initially said HE cannot come, but then, HE stayed for 3 days – what is the story behind it?
  • HE did corrections in Lalitha Ashtotram book along with Manoharji – for how long?
  • He waited for HIS Padhuka for 6 years… Did he get one set of Padhuka or two sets ?
  • And he saw LORD SHIVA IN PERIYAVA in Satara – how blessed he is, isn’t it ?

Eager to know more about each incident? Here is Part 3 of Sri Manoharji’s interview :

Stay tuned for Part 4…


  1. Ramani says

    Fantastic interview. What a blessed soul Manohar Ji. Shivaram ji – Thanks for making us long to hear part 3. Now you have kept more suspense in part 4 which I am waiting. eagerly.
    Listening to such interview’s make us long for such anugraham.

  2. Pattabiraman.N says

    What a blessed soul …Superb .. No words to say.. Can’t wait to see Part 4.. Thank you so much Sri. Sivaraman Ji

  3. Sree iyer. says

    Sri .Manohar is truly blessed.
    Thanks for sharing this interview.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara.

  4. Chithra V Subramanian says

    Tears.!!!! What a blessed soul Manohar ji is. Even thinking of Appa giving darshan as Lord Shiva gives me goosebumps. How ecstatic he would have been while having this darshan Eagerly waiting for the next part ! Thanks Sivaraman sir for this noble service.

  5. Dr B L N Raju says

    sir can any body let me kno the padyam rendered by periyava to manohar sir while inspecting stage arrangements at Natarajavigraha in part 2 .seems to be sivastotram ,same is told and rendered by Manohar sir to interviewer . pl

    • dr b l n raju says

      it is told by periyava to manoharji that it is composed by appayya Dikshitar but as audio is poor full text of the stotram cant be heard . can any one post it in telugu r english sir

      • Ravi Madapati says

        Here it is:

        maulau ganga shashAnkau
        kara caraNa talE shItalAngA bhujangAha
        vAmE bhAgE dayArdrA himagiri tanayA
        candanam sarvagAtrE

        idam shItam prabhUtam
        tava kanakasabhA nAtha sODum kva shaktihi
        cittE nirvEda taptE yadi bhavati na tE
        nitya vAsO madhIyE

        On your locks are the river Ganga and the moon. On your your feet and arms are the cold serpents. On your left is the compassionate daughter of the snow mountains and you have applied the cool sandal all over your body.

        How, O Lord of the Golden Cosmic Hall, are you able to bear such cold atmosphere? You are welcome to stay eternally in my heart which is hot due to the sins I commit.

  6. Seethalakshmi says

    Great interview. What noble soul he is. I think 100% Periyava was behind or even instructed in someway Sh.Sivaraman to get this interview. I paused the video at the point when Shri Manohar showed the place where Periava sat, and felt blissful looking that space for sometime.!!. Loads of thanks to Shri Manohar and Shri Sivaraman and the entire team!

  7. Jagadesan says

    This is for Dr. BLN Raju question for the sloka he was asking.

    BLN Raju garu, than slokam , please try to know about Sri Appaya Dikshitulu who composed that.

    Sri Appaya Dikshitulu by birth, Samavedam, Bharadwaja Gotram and born in Tamilnadu, He expressed in one of his book, in the next life I have to born in “Yajurvedam” in Andhra only. So that my vidyabyasam I can start directly at the small age “Om Namah shivaya” panchakshri I can get directly in the small age. For the sake of that I have to born in AP in my next life.
    But He is a Jivan Muktha but his inclination to Lord Shiva and wanted to believe in Trilinga desam ( AP)
    . Actual name is trilinga desam not Telugu desam.
    Trilinga means soutn Kalahasti, east sri sailam north: koti ramalingeswara
    Predominantly at the time of Aksharabysam in AP, only pachakshari was given as dose.

  8. dr b l n raju says

    thank u very much sir for providing full text n meaning of the narration rendered by periyavar to Manohar ji

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