Experience With MahaPeriyava By: Sri Kowtha Lalith Manohar – Part 1

Guruvaaram Special…

It is truly special to devotees who do not follow Tamil as the entire interview is in English.

Sri Kowtha Lalith Manohar is an ardent devotee of Sri MahaPeriyava. Sri MahaPeriyava did Sankara Jayanthi Celebrations and Chaturmaasyam at their Swaraajya Press Premises and camped for 4 months during 1968. Also, Periyava’s 75th birthday was celebrated there.

It is from this Camp, Sri MahaPeriyava graced and directed devotees to build temples that have become iconic Temples of Hyderabad for the current generation. One such temple is the famous ‘SKANDA GIRI’ – abode of Lord Subramanya.

Periyava later visited Manoharji’s house at Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh after Chaturmaasyam.

Here is Part 1 of Sri Manoharji’s interview…

  • Sri Manoharji narrates in detailed about Periyava’s Pravesam and stay in his premises.
    • How was it?
  • 5 Pandit Shawls need to reach Delhi by morning – comes the order from Periyava on late sunday night.
    • Is it possible?
  • Periyava dropped HIS Udhdhrani and walked inside two days in a row without giving Theertham to the Union Minister.
    • Why?
  • The Hindu paper’s center page headlines reads Kanchi Swamiji does not believe in Family Planning. Periyava was asked to withdraw HIS statement.
    • Did HE?
  • I saw “Lord Parasurama” in Periyava – exclaims Sri Manoharji.
    • What happened?
  • NADICHE DEVUDU – HE is, says Sri Manoharji with a brimming fulfillment in his eyes…
    • Isn’t that an unanimous feeling?

All the answers are in the experiences of Sri Manoharji that he had with Sri MahaPeriyava. Within forty minutes in this first part of the interview, we are blessed to experience Sri MahaPeriyava in so many different facets…

  • Periyava’s Hospitality
  • Periyava’s Aacharam
  • Periyava’s Karunyam
  • Periyava’s Leadership
  • Periyava’s Social Concern
    and what not…


  1. C.S.BALACHANDER. says

    Listening to the devotees experience with kanchi maha periava is unique by itself fills one’s mind untold joy..maha swamigal padhakamalangalakku anandha kodi namaskaram

  2. v p raman says

    Dear Sir,

    Since audio is not that clear, we would be obliged if the interview details can be in the form of text for us to understand easily.

    Jaya Jaya sankara Hara Hara sankara

  3. navEdaham says

    காஞ்சி பெரியவா! காமாக்ஷி பெரியவா!
    கலவை பெரியவா! காமகோடி பெரியவா!
    ஹர ஹர பெரியவா! ஜெய ஜெய பெரியவா!
    அற்புதம் பெரியவா! ஆனந்தம் பெரியவா!
    பொற்பதம் பற்றவே பணிகிறோம் யாமே!

    Ram. Ram.
    Jai GuruDev!

  4. Ramani says

    This is a great interview. Periyavas vision on future of country has been on the dot 100% correct. As he said Hindus will be few in number is happening now.
    I have had the fortune of being taken by my parents in Hyderabad to see periyavaa in 1969 at Swarjya Press. We all got thirtha prasadam. I remember as a small boy people asking me to take of the shirt before going to meet him.
    The selection of Skandagiri site is very unique. It still stands for its pristine purity when you go to the temple. In the seventies and eighties ( 1975 – 1982) there were very few constructions around the temple. When you go to the temple in evening we enjoyed the salubrious breeze in summers.
    The priests who were there at start of the temple are still to be seen even today.

  5. shree says

    listenening to such an interview itself is mahaperiyaval anugraham, how about getting theertham from his own hands. blessed soul what else one could say.

  6. ramesh says

    Sri Periayava Saranam

    The incident where Manoharji seeing “Lord Parasurama” in Sri Periyava is amazing. He is blessed to witness the great vision of Sri Periyava and we hear this after 46 years about Sri Periyava view on family planning and the numbers of hindu and about the number of intellectuals will decline is true.

    Sri Periyava Saranam

  7. Jyothikumar. says

    To have lived in periavas time and at least had one glimpse of that great yogi in this Kali yuga is nothing but some good deeds of purva janma of any one who was blessed to be so.

  8. Pattabiraman.N says

    What a wonderful narration by Sri Kowtha Lalith Manohar on his experiences with Maha Periyava.
    Really a blessed soul. Thanks Sri Sivaraman Ji for this post.

  9. srinivasan says

    Blessed are those who listen to the devotees experiences.
    Jaya jaya Shankara hara hara Shankara

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