Experience With MahaPeriyava By: Sri Chandramouli Mama – Part 3

For us, Periyava is ‘Umachi (who became) Thatha’…
For Chandramouli mama, Periyava is ‘Thatha (who is) Umachi’ !!!

Sri Chandramouli mama – son of Mani Sastrigal is the grand son of Sri Ganapathi Sastrigal (MahaPeriyava’s Purvaasharama brother). His wife Smt Mangalam comes from the lineage of “Kalavai Periyava”. Kalavai Periyava is her great grand mother’s Periyappa in Purvaasharama.

Smt Mani Sastrigal & Sri Mani Sastrigal – Parents of Sri Chandramouli Mama

Part 1 and Part 2 of Chandramouli mama’s videos were posted earlier. Here is the next part…

Mama and mami continues to share their nostalgic experiences by narrating many incidents like :

  • Naan unaku Guru illaya – Sabarimalai Incident
  • Mani Sastrigal Accident
  • Darshan of Sri MahaPeriyava, Sri Pudu Periyava and Sri Bala Periyava in Kurnool
  • Special Vishu Darshan of Periyava
  • Ekaandha Sambaashanam

The complete playlist of Sri Chandramouli Mama’s videos can be viewed here.


  1. M.Narayanan says

    Every episode in this series is a scintillating Experience! The Guruswamy’s clear understanding of Maha Periyava’s Grace, the equanimity shown by Sri Chandramouli while narrating the circumstances of his father Sri Mani SasthrigaL’s passing away, Brahmasri Vedapuri Maama’s Devotion to Maha Periyava and His doing Namaskaarams to Maha Periyava three times on behalf of Sri Mani SasthrigaL and then on his personal behalf to this day as ordered by Maha Periyava, Maha Periyava doing Gharbhavaasam for one year at Sivaasthaanam at that time, Sri Bala Periyava’s Reverence to Sri Mani SasthrigaL as He Learnt from Maha Periyava, Special private, High and Divine Discourses by Maha Periyava which are not known to us today as they are forgotten by Sri Chandramoului due to Divine Play of Maha Periyava, every detail is nectarine. Many thanks for sharing. I had the opportunity of being at Kurnool in 1983 on Vijaya Dasami Day with my family members and had Divine Dharshan of all three Periyavas together. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara! Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLe CharaNam! Mani SasthrigaL AvargaL ThoNdin Perumai Sollavum Arithe!

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