Experience With MahaPeriyava By: CPMG Jayaraman Mama and Mami – Part 1

Born in Sathanoor (Janma Bhoomi of Thirumoolar), CPMG Jayaraman mama is grandson of Sathanoor Vaidhyanatha Iyer. CPMG – Chief Post Master General – describes Mama’s designation in Post office. Both he and his wife’s family have been Periyava’s devotees for generations…

Mama and mami relives their golden moments with Sri MahaPeriyava through this video. Each incident that mama narrates is so descriptive. Here are some highlights :

– ஏண்டா கொழந்தை நாழி ஆகறதே, ஆத்துக்கு போ
– பெரியவா ஏன்ன பண்ணாலும் அது அழகு… பெரியவா பாதம் அவ்வளவு அழகு…
– பெரியவா-ல நினைச்சுண்டா, கிடைக்காததே கிடையாது
– எனக்காக காத்துண்டு இருந்து, வேப்பலை பச்சடி குடுத்தா பெரியவா
– கல்யாணம், நானும் வரேன் உன்னோட… கல்யாணதுக்கு நானும் வரேன்…

More of Mama’s experiences would follow soon…


  1. Kedava kumar says

    Dear sir
    What to comment.I completrly enjoyed the conversation of ur family experience with sri sri.periavals karunai.
    Enadhu sashtanga namakaram

  2. Lakshmi says

    What wonderful experiences.! What blessed souls ! Kekave kadhu kulurindu pogiradu. Waiting for other partssss eagerly. Thank you so much for bringing out these beautiful sharings. A great service.

  3. M.R. KUMAR says

    Wonderful ! happy to watch this video and experience the Mahaperiava’s Blessings ! really great !
    Thanks for sharing this video to all

  4. M.Narayanan says

    Great experiences of Bliss and Devotion. Maha Periyava has Blessed this Blessed couple abundantly and they served Him selflessly. May such Bhakthi come to all of us! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  5. G.Venkatramani says

    Knowing Sri.Jayaraman and their family for over 70 years, to hear him and his wife narrating Divine experiences with Revd. Sri.MahaPeriyava watching the video is indeed a holy experience for me and anything connected with
    MahaPeriyava is exhilarating and purifies our thought and deed. Likewise, everyone of the countless devotees,
    each one of them have an episode or more and feel that that they are his near and dear.ones. Pranams to His
    Lotus Feet.

  6. G.Venkatramani says

    Anything connected with MahaPeriyava is Holistic and inspiring;and particularly the experiences of an intimate family of mine is all the more engrossing with Divine thought.

  7. ambi says

    Great interview. Anugraham pannuvatharku endrey avatharam seytha periyva ennuum karunya moorthy.
    jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara

  8. VMS.GOPALAN says


    i need the book written by thiru Ekambaram
    Where i can get please guide to get
    thank you


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