Experience With Maha Periyava By :Srimathi Saradamani And Sri Chinnasami

Sri Periyasaami Thooran is stated to have been blessed by Lord Muruga , when he was a baby.Indeed his hundreds of compositions on Lord Muruga and other deities could only have been created by one divinely gifted.His many compositions continue to be sung in kutcheris all over the world.
In addition to his poetry, he has been the Primary Member of the group That completed the monumental ‘Kalaikkalanjiam’ and the Children’s Encyclopedia (both in Tamil and of 10 volumes each).
He was awarded the ‘Padma Bhushan’, among the many Honors bestowed on him..
His Daughter and his Son in Law share their experiences with us.
We end the video with Sri Thooran’s Sahana Composition on MahaPeriyava rendered by Smt. M.S.Subbulakshi, at whose request,he had composed this song.


  1. sudarshan says

    Excellent interview. One of Periyasami Thooran’s famous compositions on Sri Muruga Peruman is “Kaliyuga Varadan Kan Kanda Deivamai” in Brindavana Saranga Raagam.

    The Viruttam read out by his daughter in the above video is very touching and goes as:

    “karunai ennum varidhiye Kanchi nagar-pperum thavame
    Kamakoti Peetam-adan kadir-oliye

    kan-oliyaal arul vazhangum arpudame
    aru-mazhai then pozhi mugile

    aananda peru veliyil aadukindra pooraname
    tarunamadai nokkamal kaaranamum karudaamal

    tan vizhiyal Kamakshi Thayar pol mugam-malarndu parivudane
    abhaya karam kaatum oru karpagame

    pada malare thanjamendru vandu adainden etru arule”

    The entire krithi along with the viruttam as prelude sung, very soulfully by MSS, can be downloaded by clicking the below link:


  2. Chandrika Shankar says

    Blessed to listen to the devout couple’s interview and their guru bhakthi on a beautiful Thursday morning. Shankara!

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