1. Karthi Nagaratnam says

    A wonderful interview(as usual) by an ardent senior devotee Sri Kalyanaraman Mama who lives in Bangalore.

    There are so many take-away’s…

    But as usual, for this soul…the following is the attraction!!!

    May I request all of you to don’t miss from the minute 33.00 to 33.30…

    A reference to Sri Raa Ganapathi Anna and the great Maha Mantra Aum Bhagavaha…

    which Aiyan initiated to Sri Anna and Sri Anna spread across the world through Kalki magazine…

  2. Sriram Sthanu says

    Dear sir, it was really a moving experience listening to your explanation of Sri Mahaperiyava’s grace. He is indeed Ambal and Mookambikai.

  3. T.S.Muralikrishnan says

    If we once dedicate our self at the lotus feet of our MahaPeriyava,from that very moment onwards Periyava’s Grace will surely flow on us. Surrender …Surrender. Surrender at his lotus feet. Then every thing will become very very easy for you.

  4. Nagesh says

    Respected devotees.

    It would be greatfull if any one can translate in english!!!. Most of the vidoes are in tamil.
    I would also like to hear the lilas of our god Periyava.!!!


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