1. S.Rajah Iyer says

    I had the privilege of seeing him collecting for Sankara Matam@Thiruvannamalai,recommended by Balu mama.A great devotee of Mahaperiyava.I see my close friend and another ardent devotee Mr.Narayanasami in this video.
    Devotees must listen to another Video,where this Kala Mrityu was explained by another Ganapadigal..reg SriSailam Kumbabishekam.That was stunning how Mahaperiyava asks him to go back and gave him,His Padugai.Devotee arrives in Central holding the Padhugai,but was already attained moksha!

  2. Sudarsan says

    Very nice video on periyava experiance! Thank you very much for posting…anyone happens to know where the location was? Serene atmosphere with Veda Gosham in background!

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