“Eka Desa” Vaitha Mama enters “Eternal Bliss”

“Eka Desa” Vaitha Mama enters “Eternal Bliss”
June 10, 2016

Sri Simpson Vaitha Mama reached the lotus feet of Sri MahaPeriyava few hours back.

Simpson mama and mami

Mama was fondly called as “Eka Desam” Vaitha as he took care of Sri Chandramouleeswarar Poojai Kaingaryam single-handedly during the days when Sri MahaPeriyava was doing Sri Chandramouleeswarar Poojai. Though he is named as Sri G Vaidhyanathan, he is knowns as “Naangudi Vaitha” and “Simpson Vaitha”.

Mama has been the main person behind Sri Sankara Bhakta Jana Sabha Trust, formed in 1967. It has two units which look after the Brahmapuriswarar temple and Veda Pata Sala in Sivaasthanam, Thenambakkam.

Today morning, mama went to Kanchipuram and had darshan of Sri MahaPeriyava at the Adistanam. After having Adistanam Prasadam (“Pori and Curd”), he proceeded to Sivaasthanam (Thenambakkam) – This place was personally handover to him by Sri MahaPeriyava to take care of the temple and patasala. On his way back, while coming with his wife in the car, Mama reached the lotus feet of Sri MahaPeriyava in the Mokshapuri Kanchipuram.

Today at Adistanam, when talking to Sri Kumaresan Mama, Vaitha Mama was narrating his recent dream about Sri MahaPeriyava in which Sri MahaPeriyava asked Mama to do Abhishekam to HIM. After his darshan at Adistanam, Mama asked Sri Kumaresan mama for lots of Kumkumam Vibhuthi Prasadam (Dappa) and Sri MahaPeriyava Photo from Adistanam as he was leaving. Mama has put his heart and soul for Sri Sankara Bhakta Jana Sabha Trust remarked Sri Kumaresan Mama.

Yesterday (June 9th 2016), when he visited Sri Ganesan of Nanganallur, Mama was very emotional and was expressing to Sri Ganesan that Sri MahaPeriyava was coming in his dreams repeatedly for last ten days and he couldn’t understand what it implied. During his half hour stay in Sri Ganesan’s house, Mama was in tears sitting in front of Sri MahaPeriyava in the Poojai room.

For the last several years, Adiyen behind the camera was trying to get mama’s personal experience with Sri MahaPeriyava which was not happening. But, with the blessings of Sri Sivan SAR and Sri MahaPeriyava, one fine day, mama was very receptive. When Adiyen called and made a casual visit to Mama’s house, he shared his experience with Sri MahaPeriyava for couple of hours on May 14th 2016. While that video will be published, here is a 25 minutes video Sri Vaitha Mama reminiscing his experience with Sri MahaPeriyava…

His dedication towards Sri Matam and His devotion towards Acharyas would speak for itself. Mama will always remembered and seen through “The Sthubhi” that he constructed near Sri Matam as a mark of devotion to Sri MahaPeriyava.

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Our Sashtaanga Namaskaram to Sri Vaitha Mama to bless us with unquenchable devotion towards Sri Kanchi Matam and the Acharyas.

Here is the audio of Sri Vaitha Mama sharing his experience with Sri MahaPeriyava during the Anusham Poojai at Besant Nagar Patasala back in November 2008. Thanks to Sri Narayanaswami mama for sharing this audio.


  1. k ps rao says

    Our namaskaram to vaitha mama. I talked to him 10 days back regarding donation to patashala at tenambakkam. Very sad news. May his soul rest in peace.

  2. Thiyagarajen. Sundaresan says

    Very sad and emotional. Consoling self that the soul joined maha Periyava eternal bliss. RIP slogans meaningless bcoz it is all predetermined by Periyava who appeared in his dream last few days. Avar Padharavindandangalil Charanam.n

  3. Ranganathan says

    I was blessed to see him making all arrangements etc. during Sri BALU SWAMIGAL’s samadhi ceremonies recently in Kancheepuram.
    A very great devotee of SRI SRI SRI SRI MAHA PERIYAVAL.

  4. V. Mahalingam says

    Maha Periava has called Sri Vatha Mama to His Abode. Sri Vaitha Mama led a noble life and he is a source of inspiration to the present and future generation. My humble Pranams to Sri Vatha Mama.

  5. Jagannathan Santhanam says

    Sri Sri Sri Mahaperiyava Charanam. Always HIS lotus feet on our heads as Raksha..What else to say…

  6. S.chandramouli says

    Lost my personal and family friend.we pray God and Maha Periyava for VAITHA Mama’soulu rest in peace.

  7. ICF Neelakanta Dhikshithar says

    Very sad to know of the sudden demise of Vaitha, whom I know closely for over 6 decades.He earned the ekadesam title for his thoroughness in arranging all the things connected to Sri Matam daily Pooja. For others he was Simpson Vaithu as he was employed in Simpsons, but for me he is always known as Nagangudi Vaitha, since he was from that village. His enormous efforts towards instituting Sri Sankara Bhaktha Jana Sabha, catering to the Veda adhyayana would be gratefully remembered not only by the Vedic students, but their parents too.


    During the sathabdi celebrations of mahaperiyava, this humbleself had the fortune of working under his guidance, for about three months serving under him was great boon to have darshan of the Periyavas. Last time I met him was at Mutt on mahaswamy’s Jayanthi Day. He had been a great guide and philospher for all ofus. Surely Periyava has taken him back to continue his eternal service. Maha periyava thiruvadikale Charanam

  9. Dheeraj Ananthan says

    A great baktha , pranams to him and his service to Paramacharya. Would his recording on 14 may be published soon ?

  10. R.Dhanalashmi says

    Last 10 days back we talked to shri vaithaa mama regarding about Mahaperiyava’s Jayanthi prasadam immediately he has sent. His Asirwadhams for all of us always. May his soul rest in peace

  11. Vaidehi says

    Namaskaram to this great noble soul. We are fortunate to hear his voice and narration of Mahaperiyava Experiences. Eager to see his interview.

    By the way, are we able to fastforward the mixcloud?

  12. Saraswathi Thyagarajan says

    Pranams ..pranams..pranams ! What else can we say about a great soul who engaged Himself in Periyava kainkaryam as lifetime Seva!

  13. P.C.RAMABADRAN says

    Although I had not had the opportunity of seeing Vaithi Mama, I could feel what a vibrant and noble person he should have been rendering services so devotedly and faithfully to Mahaperiyava.
    May his soul rest in peace.



    May his soul rest in peace .very blessed soul. Periyava has given moksham to this excellent soul.

  15. Sangeetha Ravichandran says

    Listening to his voice brings a rush of emotions…in tears….pillar of my family, my mentor, my role model, my favorite vaitha mama, my amma’s favorite brother, you. you stood by us during ups and down….mama can’t believe you are no more, unfortunate of me missing to be there during your last rites damn the limitations being on the other end of the world… cannot comprehend the loss. ;-( ..this audio is so precious..thanks for the share…, treasuring this recording…Vaitha mama you will be very much missed…no one is there to fill the void you have left behind…your legacy will stay in our family for ever ;-(

  16. S.Vaidyanathan [xRBI] says

    A great loss ..find difficult to express my feelings..I have worked along with him for many years as treasurer of sabha…A Great Karma Yogi..

  17. Ramakrishnan Vedagiri says

    Man of principles. He did not go overseas (just because crossing the sea is “achara kuraivu”) even when his son and daughter were to go for their work commitments.

    Youngsters should learn hard work from him. Even at this age and deterring health he was running for the cause of the trusts and its noble cause.

    Pranams to Vaitha Mama.

    He has shown great affection to my father (belated) and has shown same affection towards all of my family members. Happy to have got his blessings on many occasions and very proud to say that I am a relative of mama.

  18. R Balasubramanian says

    The writeup and comments above do give a feel of this great servant of Periyava for people like me who have not met him.It appears Periyava was with Vaitha Mama during the last 10 days and Blessed him with ananyasa maranam.
    Pranams to the blessed soul.

  19. M.Narayanan says

    Namaskaarams to Vaithaa Maama! Maha Periyava Has Taken him to His Lotus Feet! Whenever we visit Sivasthaanam and Kanchipuram Sthubhi, we will remember with affection this Great and selfless Soul! Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLe Charanam! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  20. G.rajalakshmi says

    May his soul rest in peace.may God give strength to bear this irreparable loss.Uma,you are blessed to be her daughter inlaw.Jaya Jaya Shankara.Hara Hara shankara

  21. P E RAMESH says

    I had opportunity to be in Sri Vaitha Mama house at St. Mary’s Road, Abhiramapuram, Chennai during 2010. While entering the house on the Hall, one can see full of Sri Periyava photos in the wall, can’t see even an inch of wall. Mama was so humble and received me and talked about Sri Periyava. I went to his home few times to offer little contributions to Sri Sankara Bhaktha Jana Sabha Trust. Sri Vaitha Mama one who published “Divya Darshan of Sri Kanchi Mahaswami” book, in 2 Volumes, by the hands of Sri Pudu Periyava at Vani Mahal in 2010.

    Sri Vaidya mama released souvenir for Sri Bramhapuriswarar Koil near Kanchipurarm, where Sri Periyava stayed for more than two years. i am blessed to put a small advt in that souvenir with Sri Periyava photo, as advised by Sri Vaidya Mama.

    If video interview of Sri Vaidya Mama is available it would be great to see that.

    Vaidya mama reached Sri Periyava tiruvadigal in Kancheepuram itself.

    ஸ்ரீ பெரியவா சரணம் Sri Periyava Saranam

  22. K.Ravishankar says

    Ravishankar. 18.6 2016

    I was one of those making small contribution to Ms Sankara baktha sabha. Neither Mama nor I knew each other. One day he called me on cell and wanted to meet me . He later visited me and gave me all prasadams. So kind of him.Great man .May his soul rest in peace.

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