E-Book: In The Presence Of The Divine : Chapter 5

Namaskarangal !!!

Periyava Puranam is happy to publish Chapter-5 from “IN THE PRESENCE OF THE DIVINE – VOLUME II” – an E-Book translating all video experiences with Sri MahaPeriyava by devotees across the world… The complete collection of all chapters from this E-book can be read HERE.

This E-Book will be published periodically with the respective devotee’s video experience in Periyava Puranam. Hearty thanks to Professor Sujatha Vijayaraghavan of Pondicherry University for giving us this treasure.

The fifth chapter of this book is about HH Srivan Satakopa Sri Ranganatha Yatheendra Maha Desigan swamigal (HH Jeer Swamigal of Ahobilam Matam) who is an ardent devotee of MahaPeriyava.

In the Presence of Divine – Vol 2 – Chapter 5 – Ahobilam Jeer Swamigal –


  1. R Balasubramanian says

    I have seen earlier the video clipping of the Jeer narrating his experiences with Periyava. Today , I had the opportunity read the Jeer’s write-up.
    Periyava nurtured and mentored the Iyengar scholar for years and the scholar also earned Periyava’s Grace subjecting himself to a rigorous routine all through.The last para sums up the story.
    True to the tenets of Periyava, the Jeer candidly acknowledges the help, guidance, grace and support received from Periyava.
    Pranams to Periyava and the Jeer Swamy.

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