Dr.Alagappa Alagappan passed away…

We regret to inform that Dr.Alagappa Alagappan passed away on Oct 24 2014 in New York.

Dr. Alagappan had immense blessings from Sri Maha Periyava. As we all know, with Sri MahaPeriyava’s blessings, Dr. Alagappan became the founder of the Ganesh Temple in New York, the first ever Hindu Temple in North America. He has also been the architect, guide and advisor for the construction of many temples in North America and in India as well – which include Arupadai Veedu Murugan temple in Besant Nagar Chennai and Saraswathi Temple in Pondicherry to name a few.

He was one among the very first devotees who was very happy about bringing forth a Mani Mandapam for Sri Maha Periyava… Shri Chettiar showed lot of interest, encouraged the idea, promised to support in whatever way he could. Although he is not here to support today, I am sure the blessings will be there with all of us.


  1. Arunachalam says

    This is one shocking news and we have missed the great soul at the right time, in the light of our efforts of building a temple for Mahaperiyaval.. .. We have missed a person who would have contributed a lot by way of his advice and blessings in our efforts.. At this juncture me and my family joins the multitude who are mourning his loss and pray that this great soul may rest in peace.

  2. B.Shankar says

    We lost a great blessed person .His immense work for building temples throughout is life inspired me a lot.At this moment I pray to mahaperiayava that this great soul may rest in peace.

  3. Akkaraju Sarma says

    Three of us had the pleasure of spending a memorable morning with Sri.Alagappa Chettiar on Sunday July 21, ’13. Sri.Suriyananan Subramanian (from Skillman, N.J, Mrs.Kameswari and I spent the whole morning with Sri.Chettiar and briefly with Smt.Chettiar. My wife and I are in USA since and I (since 1965) are naturalized citizens of USA. Our U.S. roots started at Columbia University in NYC. We did not have any Hindu Temples or Mandirs in those days. We have lived in Suburban Philadelphia since 1970. But for the efforts Dr.Chettiar, who was with United Nations (in NYC), the florescence hinduism we have seen in the last five decades of Mandirs, Gurdwaras and many of the South Asian would have not been possible. He gave unconditional support for building of Mahaperiyava related programs including a Mani Mandapam, We all owe indebted gratitude to Sri. Alagappa Chettiar garu. May his atma rest in heaven.


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