Daily Nectar : THAT SMILE…

“He loves good food. He used to have mutton on day time and chicken at night. He could comfortably swallow couple of chicken for a single meal” – This is how Sri Ranganath Misra, Former Chief Justice of India remembered the visitor he took along with him for Periyava’s darshan.

He was Sri G D Chot MurAdhA, Under Secretary, Ministry of Law. He was a well built man – 6 1/2 Footer, 120kg, massive built. He came from near Peshawar (now in Pakistan) and shifted to India during partition. He came for the darshan of Periyava along with Chief Justice Sri Misra (in 1980s).

Periyava inquired about his native village. Sri Chot MuRAdhA mentioned the name.

Periyava asked him, “Do you know that this name is mentioned in the Mahabharath?”

He never read Mahabharath. So he was silent.

Then, Periyava spoke to him in general about life for few minutes and… SMILED. Sri Chot MuRAdhA felt something but didn’t realize the complete ‘effect’ at that time…

After the darshan both of them took leave and came to Chennai. Stayed that night at the Government Guest House in Chetpet. The cook/care taker knew about them. So he arranged vegetarian food as dinner for Sri Misra and arranged non-vegetarian dinner including his favorite chicken in another table for Sri Chot MuRAdhA. But Sri Chot MuRAdhA couldn’t bear it anymore. He stood up…

He came and sat on the table of Sri Misra.

“Sir! I’ve decided to become vegetarian..”

“Well… Good!”, Sri Misra expressed his surprise and also with a tenor of ‘how come?’.

“The SMILE Swamiji gave me at the end when I was leaving gave me satisfaction enough that I’ve eaten all that I should’ve or shouldn’t have. Now… I MUST BE VEGETARIAN!”

Sri Misra used to recollect with excitement what happened that night after the darshan…

“He gave up egg!
He gave up EVERYTHING that night!”

He couldn’t even walk half-a-kilometer with his 120+kg body but later he came down to 100 kg or lesser and walked 6 kms with Sri Misra every morning. Occasionally even jogged!

“Justice Ahmadi who was in charge of Legal Head Program has said, ‘apke specimen muje chodke gaya hei…’ He is that specimen!”, smiles Sri Misra.

“A person with 10 minutes association with Swamiji began a new career of life!”, concludes Sri Misra.

Sri Misra continues, “He (Periyava) never tells you that I can cure you… I can do this or that. (But) I know hundreds of people are cured by just by the raising of the hand (AbayaHastham)!

Periyava abhaya hastam 2

He (Periyava) doesn’t tell you anything. But all your problems are answered once both the hands are raised and a SMILE is shown. Nothing expressed in words. That’s the greatness of Him (Periyava)!

(With that SMILE, ) All your problems go away and you come back with a light head, a light heart and free from your botherings (matters).

If something has been troubling you, you get the answer there and very often WITHOUT asking him! Not mentioned by you yet He knows it. Therefore He gives you the answer.”

Finally Sri Misra tells you an open secret, “It (this kind of blessing with SMILE) is not confined to someone whom you call ‘Shishya’. EVERY VISITOR has the benefit. And possibly a new man, made he is, quicker than a regular visitor!”

Audio of Justice Sri Ranganath Misra’s Experience with MahaPeriyava:

Justice R Mishra’s Experience With MahaPeriyava Part 1 by Mahaperiyava Puranam on Mixcloud

Audio of Justice Sri Ranganath Misra’s Experience With MahaPeriyava:

Justice R Mishra’s Experience With MahaPeriyava Part 2 by Mahaperiyava Puranam on Mixcloud

Today’s Nectar :

Periyava! Periyava! Periyava!

Do not know which one we should wonder about!!! Is it the unbounded ‘Karunyam’ that was flown towards a new visitor? Or, is it the ‘shraddha’ of the new visitor that transformed him on seeing that SMILE?

“There are no words to describe the beauty of that smile…”, says Sri Kannan Mama.

“That ‘pokka-vAi’ (toothless) smile… Ha! Even crores will not equal!”, says Sri Hubli Ramaswamy.

For many of us, the very same non-veg, egg, onion, garlic, coffee, tea (hardly few are left behind) eaters ,

Bless us with YOUR Smile embodied with ‘Karunyam’…
Bless us the ‘Shraddha’ to absorb that ‘Karunyam’…
Bless us with the ‘Bhakthi’ on YOUR ‘Padma-pAdham’…

புன்னகை ஒன்றினாலே புண்ணியம் சேர்க்கும் வேந்தர்!
கண்கள் இரண்டினாலே கசடுகள் களையும் காந்தர்!
மெல்லிய சொல்லினாலே மேதினியை வென்ற அண்ணல்!
மல்லிகை சரமாய் சிரித்து தீர்க்கட்டும் எங்கள் இன்னல்!

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

Article Courtesy: Sri Rathinam

Audio Source: Talks by Sri Ranganath Misra at the Centenary celebrations of MahaPeriyava at Kanchipuram.


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