Daily Nectar : Sanyasi Krishnar ; Jamindar Kuchelar…

Have you seen Lord Krishna’s interaction with Sri Kuchelar?

“இன்னிமே…இனிமே இதெல்லாம் எங்க பாக்கப் போறோம்?”, Sri Ponds Narayanan Mama sighs a heavy feeling in his interview.

MahaPeriyava once said, during the first Wednesday of Margazhi, all of us should do ‘aval neiveidhyam’ (அவல் நிவேதனம் or Puffed Rice / Rice Flakes) to Lord Krishna. Sri Matam gives ‘aval’ as prasadam during this day.

The reason behind it is that the first wednesday of Margazhi is the day when Sri Kuchelar/Sudhama gave ‘aval’ (puffed rice) to Lord Krishna and was blessed by Lord Krishna with all the wealth. It is also set to be a day when devotees offer ‘aval’ to Lord Guruvayurappan in Guruvayur.

There is an incident similar to Lord krishna and Sri Kuchelar that Sri Ponds Narayanan Mama recollected about his stay in Humpi with Periyava.

Mama stood guarding the entrance of a cave inside which Periyava was talking to some elderly devotee. The shape of the cave is such that he could see them but can’t hear them. Even though mama couldn’t hear anything, the very body language of the devotee inside mesmerized Sri Mama.

Mama describes that it looked like a meeting between Sri Krishna and Sri Kuchelar. The ‘bhAvam’ was such that the ‘friendliness cum bhakthi’ was filled between them.


We have heard about Lord Krishna in Purana, but we can only see our Periyava in the ‘kali-yuga’. Sri Mama expresses his anguish, “Where are we going to see all these…again?” [இனிமே… இதெல்லாம் எங்க பாக்கப் போறோம்?”]

Later, Sri Mama came to know that the ‘kuchelA’ he saw that day inside the cave with Periyava was actually Sri Sathur Krishnamoorthy Mama who used to be called as ‘Jamindar’ because of his wealth. That’s a surprise because ‘vinayam’ is difficult when our pocket is full as the entire weight goes to the head (at least for me).


Sri Ramadurai Mama details how Sri Krishnamurthy Mama was blessed with ‘mukthi’ by Periyava. Very scintillating experience. Sri Mama also mentions that Sri Krishnamurthy Mama was a board member of Railways then. That surprises us even more because someone who was not just wealthy but also quite capable is still having ‘vinayam’ and above all ‘kuchelA’ like Bhakthi with Periyava.

Here is a small 5 minutes video snippet where Sri Ponds mama narrates this incident:

Today’s Nectar :

In the Dwapara-yuga, Lord Krishna was a king and Sri KuchelA was a pauper (of course only in monetary terms). Probably, Lord Krishna wasn’t that happy to see his close friend in a lower strata. So in this ‘kali-yuga’, it seems they reversed their role: Lord Krishna has become a ‘Sanyasi’ and Sri KuchelA has come as a ‘JamindAr’!

EntharO mAhanu Bhavulu…
Koti Namaskarams to all….

Article Courtesy: navEdaham


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