Daily Nectar : Periyava, Please don’t pay us off…

Sri MahaPeriyava’s convoy was on the move. While Periyava goes on palanquin, 8 bearers will carry and another 8 bearers will come in cycles. After sometime, they change positions. Sri Kannan Mama and Sri Sethuraman Mama were going along with the ‘Pallakku’…


At Pandhanallur near Mayavaram, Sri Sethuraman Mama told Sri Kannan Mama,”Let’s move forward to identify the place for the morning rituals of Periyava”. Both agreed and left Periyava’s Pallaakku and moved forward.

Paddy fields were filled on both the sides of the road, typical of Tanjore District. Around 2.00-3.00AM, hardly there would be any light other than the moonlight.

When they were moving on, suddenly they saw 2 people approaching them with ‘கத்தி’ (longer-knife). Those people blocked mama’s way and raised a threatening voice asking who they were. Quickly, Sri Sethuraman Mama who was riding little backward turned around and said in a loud voice, “I will come with our men for help !”

Sri Kannan Mama was stuck and shocked, “எனக்கு… கொஞ்ச நேரம்…ஒன்னுமே புரியல..”. Probably, he drew blank with such frightful instance especially at that odd hours. He further explains, “கிட்ட வந்துட்டான்! உடனே சைக்கிள எடுத்து ஒருத்தன் மேலே போட்டேன்! நாந்தான் ஆள் வாட்டசாட்டமா இருப்பேனே…”( I threw my cycle on them).

It fell on his neck and one person fell down, slipping the knife on the road. By the time the other person approached Sri Kannan Mama , the palanquin bearers rushed to that spot. Both the robbers couldn’t manage to run away as those 8 palanquin bearers surrounded them…. “These two people blocked us and attempted to stab”, Sri Mama explained to the palanquin bearers.

“ஆளுங்களுக்கு கேப்பானேன்… சக்கையா அடிச்சுட்டான்… கையை ரெண்டும் கட்டி இழுத்துட்டு வந்தாச்சு…”, explains Sri Mama. [“Palanquin bearers…what to say… They beat the 2 people well… Tied their hands…”]

After Periyava completed all rituals for the morning, slowly Sri Mama revealed what had happened. What Periyava asked made Kannan mama startle!

Periyava asked, “ரொம்ப அடிச்சிட்டானோ?” [“Did they beat the two people a lot?”]

By now, Sri Mama sensed and tried to downplay, “இல்லை… ரொம்ப அடிச்சிருக்க மாட்டான்… புடிச்சதுக்காக சும்மா ரெண்டு…” [“May not be… Not much… Just, as they caught them…”]

Still not convinced about the body language, Sri Mama concluded, “…போலீசுல ஒப்படைச்சுடுறேன்னு சொன்னான். “They said they’ll handed over those guys to the police”

“Shouldn’t be going to the police! Poor guys…ended up this way because of poverty!! right? Check out where they belong to and give them fifty rupees and send them off!”, Periyava said…

“எனக்கும் ஒன்னு புரியலை…! பணத்தை வேற குடுக்கச் சொல்லறாலேன்னு யோசிச்சேன்…”, (just couldn’t understand … why is Periyava asking to money to the robbers), recollects Sri Mama.

Periyava added justification. “Shouldn’t they get something for the efforts of being awake the whole night?”

Sri Mama thoroughly perplexed, “…’ரொம்ப அடிச்சிட்டானோ? ரொம்ப அடிச்சிட்டானோ?’னு திருப்பிப்திருப்பி வேற கேக்குறா…” [‘Have they been beaten too much?’ The question was repeatedly asked…]. So Mama stopped thinking and decided to just follow what Periyava said.

“May not be… Let me check out!”, replied Sri Mama to Periyava.

Periyava said, “Go! Check out! Arrange to give them fifty rupees each!”

So Mama went and enquired. The robbers belonged to Pandhanallur. They agreed that they didn’t know about Swamigal coming this side. They apologized . So Mama asked palanquin bearers to set them free and advised them to give the robbers, fifty rupees each.

Now, it was palanquin bearers turn to get startled, “என்னாங்க இப்படி விட்டுட்டீங்களே!” [“How come! You let go like this…”]

Then Sri Mama revealed, “எஜமான் உத்தரவுடா! இன்னும் ஏதாவது கேக்கப் போனா… நூறு ரூபா கொடுக்க சொல்லுவா… இந்த வேலையே வேண்டாம்… அவங்களை அனுப்பி வை!” [“Periyava’s order! What do we do? If we debate further, Periyava may ask to give them hundred rupees! We shouldn’t put up with HIM!”]

Today’s Nectar :

MahaPeriyava and Kannan Mama

Periyava! Periyava! Periyava!

பெருங்கருணை பேராறே! [Great Karunya River!]

We too do such blunders all along without knowing about You, Oh Periyava! For our efforts (though sinful), please do not pay that ‘fifty rupees’ (called promotions, pay hike, beautiful/ handsome spouse, children etc) and dispose us away!

Show us your…பெருங் கருணை [Great Karunyam]!

No one can show such a great Karunya, like You – PeriyavA!
Without Your Karunya, where is the hope for people like us – SiriyavA! [Smaller]

Shine on us! Shine on us!
Keep us with you or Be with us!
Carry us to your abode!

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

Article Courtesy: Sri Rathinam


  1. M.Narayanan says

    Maha KaaruNyam! Maha Periyava, Please Bless and Take Care of us, in spite of our sins and shortcomings! We remember You and Your Name in our distress. We should never forget Your Divine Form and Feet at any time! Hara Hara Shankara, jaya Jaya Shankara!

  2. Ramesh/ ICF says

    Namaskaram to all.

    If we wait a little HE will order us to give Rs 100 to each thief…………… Karunyam manifested and roamed Bharata varsha with a specific aim. When will mother earth see such a Mahaan?

    Let us place our mind and soul permanently at the holy abode…………. ” HIS SRIPADHAM”

  3. SRS Kannan says

    Hara Hara Sankara, Jeya Jeya Sankara, Shri Maha Periava Thunai. Today I am in a too much disturbing mental status. Daily prayers for son, his job security, Daughter for her well being, pregnancy, son in law health, his job promotions, daughter in law transfer, apart from all my job, which is not at all giving satisfaction, Wife ultimately sleepless nights, her health, parents health, oh, my God, daily submitting every thing to HIM daily prayers on the same subjects, i felt very bad, even now feeling bad, after reading this, to be frank, I am not able to understand fully the matter but one thing i am confident, HE WILL GUIDE ME,,, I remember HE saying to me 27 years back, ELLAM NALLA NADAKKUM. …… Shri Gurupyo namaha, i started to convey some thing, sorry , i am confused what to write, need relief from all my issues, Gurunadha, Gurunadha, Guranadha,,

      • KANNAN SRS says

        Om Shri Gurupyo Namaha,



        regards KANNAN.SRS.

        • navEdaham says

          Sri Kannan Sir,

          Did several pradikshanam & Prayed for you specifically & for all at Sri MahaPeriyava adistAnam on the Jayanthi day!

          I’m sure, the Perung-Karunai PerARu called Periya-Periyava will flow in abundance in our lives.

          Ram. Ram. Jai GuruDev!

          Aneha Namaskarams.


          • KANNAN SRS says

            Shri Gurupyo namaha.

            Asmath Parapara Gurupyo namaha,,,

            Namaskaram and thanks for your kind words and all of your prayers and wishes.

            Yes I am sure, Gurunadhar will save me & my family from all these issues and we become no issues and only happy will start from now… anandham, the nector of life we will enjoy, sure, .. with regards SRS Kannan


  4. karthi nagaratnam says

    ஒன்றும் போதா நாயேனை
    உய்யக் கொண்ட நின்கருணை
    இன்றே இன்றிப் போய்த்தோதான்
    ஏழை பங்கா எம்கோவே
    குன்றே அனைய குற்றங்கள்
    குணமாம் என்றே நீகொண்டால்
    என்றான் கெட்ட திரங்கிடாய்
    எண்தோள் முக்கண் எம்மானே. 

    உமையொரு பாகனே! எங்கள் தலைவனே! எட்டுத் தோள்களையும், மூன்று கண்களையுமுடைய எம் பெரியோனே! ஒன்றுக்கும் பற்றாத நாய் போன்ற என்னை அன்று உய்யக் கொண்டருளிய உன்னுடைய கருணையானது, இன்று இல்லாமற் போய்விட்டதோ? மலையைப் போன்ற தவறுகளையும், குணங்கள் என்றே நீ ஏற்றுக் கொண்டால், எனக்கு எதுவும் இல்லை. ஆகையால் இரங்கியருள்வாயாக.

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