Daily Nectar : How To Reach You?

“I’m praying daily. How to reach that God one day?” A very pertinent question being asked to Periyava. It was 1982-83 and it was Sri Yadu Hari Dalmia, MD of Dalmia Cement, Kallakkudi, Tamilnadu who asked that question.

Suddenly, one day he called his colleague and  asked him to arrange for a darshan of Periyava. Hearing this request, his subordinate thought it’s a strange request to come from a North Indian businessman who does not have any “know hows” about Periyava. The subordinate  asked, “Why suddenly?”

“Will tell you later but arrange for the darshan tomorrow itself!”, said Sri YHD. Train to Chennai  was booked and a car to Kanchipuram was arranged. They already learnt that Periyava was camping in Wallajabad. So they went straight to Periyava…

YH Dalmia had darshan of Periyava near Dalmia factory during some temple kumbabhishekam. But he was very young at that time. He always used to say that “We must have only one Guru!”. He has been quite a spiritually oriented person . In fact, he has a Guru in North India, whom he visits frequently. Inspite that,  he insisted to have  darshan of Periyava. Later he revealed that Periyava came in his dream the previous night and that’s reason he insisted on Periyava’s darshan the very next day.

They took help from Sri Dunlop Krishnan to arrange for darshan.  On reaching Walajabad , they found Periyava was in ‘mitham’ of a house on a ‘Kayathu kattil’ talking to Sri Dunlop Krishnan.  Sri Dunlop Krishnan introduced Sri YH Dalmia and  his interest to ask a question.

Hearing that Periyava, “ஏண்டா! அவர் எந்த மொழியில கேள்வி கேட்பார்?” (“Aendaa! Avar endha mozhiyila kaeLvi kaetpaar?”) to one of his anukka thondar, nearby. He replied that it’ll be in English.

Periyava asked, “நீ எனக்கு அதை சரியாய் தமிழில சொல்லுவியோ? நான் பதில் சொன்னாக்க, அதை சரியாய் இங்கிலீஷுல சொல்லுவியோ?” (“Nee enakku adhai sariya tamizhila solluviyo? Naan bathil sonnaakka, adhai sariya engleeshula solluviyo?”)

Everyone around were laughing for every hilarious question of Periyava. Anukka thondar surrendered by saying, “தெரிஞ்ச வரைக்கும் சரியாய் சொல்லுறேன், பெரியவா!” (“Therinja varaikkum sariya solluraen, Periyavaa!”)

Periyava, “சரி… அவரை கேக்கச் சொல்லு!” (“Sari… Avarai kaekkachollu!”)

Sri YHD asked the question…

Periyava heard the question – “I’m praying daily. How to reach that God one day?” Anukka Thondar translated it. Periyava bent his head as if searching something on that ‘kayathu kattil’. Nearly five minutes went by. Every second seemed to be a minute. All those who were laughing and talking and sharing lighter moments were silent now. Earlier, they even wondered what Sri. YHD will ask & now they were surprised with higher respect for Sri YHD.

Periyava looked up. Told to his anukka thondar, “அவர் கேட்டாரோ இல்லையோ? அவர் கிட்ட இதைச் சொல்லு!” (“Avar kaettaro illayo? Avar kitta idhaich sollu!”).

Periyava again, “அவர் எந்த தெய்வத்தை தினமும் கும்பிடுராரோ, அந்த தெய்வத்தை விடாம தினமும் கும்பிடச் சொல்லு! ஒரு நாள் அந்த தெய்வத்தை அடைவார்!” (“Avar endha deivaththai dhinamum kumbiduraaro, andha deivaththai vidaama dinamum kumbidach sollu! Oru naal andha deivaththai adaivaar!”)

Everyone were stunned by the assurance given by Periyava. Sri YHD who was convinced even before the answer, seemed more determined. After usual ‘vandanam’, they left. Later,  Sri YHD said, “Wonderful experience!”

Today’s Nectar:
Periyava blessing

Sri Triplicane Periyava once quoted an incidence in Srimad Valmiki Ramayana and said “We must do our worship irrespective of how others view it. One day, we may fail but it is THAT dheivam who’ll come, take us up…” and also said, “We don’t reach HIM because of our worship but because of HIS karunaa”.

Deivame Periyava! Parabrahma Swaroopa! Karunaa Saagara! Bless us with Bhakthi on You such that we worship You ‘vidaama’ daily and reach You one day because of Your karunaa!

Siva. Siva.

Article Courtesy: Sri Rathinam


  1. Sayi says


    You are all doing such a great service to Mahaperiyava devotees. Thank you so much.

    I have a small request. Some of my Non-Tamil friends who are great devotees of Mahaperiyava after hearing about Him is upanyasams of Chaganti Koteshwar Rao etc. are very eager to know more about Him. But there is a paucity of devotees experiences in English.

    Daily Nectar is a boon, fulfilling this need. But some crucial sentences are given in Tamil and only transliterated. It would be great if you could translate these sentences too, for the benefit of the Non-Tamil readers.

    Thanks so much, again,


      • Sivadoota says


        Thank you for posting all the experiences with Maha Periyava.
        I do not know Tamil, Kindly translate Tamil to English so that every one who wish to know about Maha Periyava would get to know easily. In fact I do even know what is Periyava means,but can understand that it resembles spiritual highness personality.

        Om Sree Gurobyonamaha!
        Sree Durgee Raksha!!

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